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Re: "A spirit attached to me"
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 23 March 2011
In Response To: "A spirit attached to me" (Donna)

Hello Donna

These days, there are an emergent number of people, like yourself, who have a similar problem to the one you describe.

Over the last few years, there has been a growing indulgence in paranormal experiences, apparitions, ghosts and psychic phenomena. People seek whatever they wish in life, some things are of interest to some, and not to others. For my part I only work in light, and over the years have learnt to overcome any fears, or trepidation, about those who have moved beyond this physical life, out into eternal light and peace.

If you look through the pages of history, there are many accounts of spiritual friends, who have come into this earthly vibration to support, guide, inspire and help. Take a look at biblical stories and many of the parables within the scriptures and the teachings of mainstream religions of the world. Other examples of our spiritual companions supporting us are found in literature, art, science and all other areas of daily life. Indeed, countless accounts support evidence of the gentle hands of spirit guiding humanity. Perhaps, if you look at Ernest Shackleton the great explorer who was one of the principal figures in Antarctic Exploration. Shackleton made an audacious plan, over unchartered territory to save his men who were stranded on South Georgia in the Antarctic. Shackleton along with two colleagues Worsley and Crean, travelled over mountainous terrain for 36 hours to reach the whaling station at Stromness on South Georgia. This journey ultimately saved his crew. The difficulty was made easier by the person who guided them over the uncharted and hazardous journey. The successful journey was made safe, at its critical point, by the leading man at the front of the party. In the darkness of night, through wind and snow falls, fatigued and exhausted Shackleton, Worsley and Crean all thought that the other was leading. They were not, so who had been the mystery guide? I believe, and so did they, that a guarding angel, a spiritual guide, a hand of light, had been their saviour. Many accounts like this filter through the pages of time; it is these narratives that add to supporting evidence of spiritual help and assistance.

The problem with paranormal seekers is that darkness brings with it the burden of fear. For all spiritual seekers, overcoming fears is not easy. Fear is often built, or created, during our childhood and formative years. Therefore, such doubts have to be taken away; then you will become free from the shackles of doubt and spiritual insecurity. May I suggest that you look upon the situation you ask about, with a clear mind and accept that the spirit may be there to help and support you? I have asked that a spiritual barrier be set to help you. But it is you who must try to be objective about this situation, and it is for you to take away any fear there is nothing in the World of Light that will harm, bring sadness, or pain.

This anecdote may help you. The other day I had my two-year old grandson with me at home. Little did he know that the load noise and banging from behind the door of a closed room in my home was nothing to fear! But, it really caused him a problem and he got very upset. I opened the door, showed him the builder, he saw him working the solution was simple, with knowledge his fears had gone. Knowledge and understanding take away insecurities, fear, and uncertainty. This is no different from spiritual work - always seek in light, commonsense will prevail.

In conclusion, my guidance would be for you to seek spiritual knowledge. Take away you fears you have nothing to fear. Open your mind and allow the recesses of your mind to accept the simplicity of spiritual truths. Light takes away darkness and illumination will help to move forward in life.

In Light and Eternal Peace - Stephen

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