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Re: Are our future spouses predestined?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 11 March 2011
In Response To: Are our future spouses predestined? (Cathy)

Hello Cathy,

Thank you for your question.

In the first instance, I can only give my personal views on your request. Nonetheless, I am more of the thinking of a ‘fatalist’, which means I am someone who believes that certain things will happen, but happen for a reason. Sometimes in the heady rush of this life, we don’t always see the reasons behind these occurrences. Why? I feel that we tend to look at many things on a single dimensional level, wherein the interaction of the spiritual is multi-dimensional. Incidents that happen to us as individuals may actually have a greater gravitas upon others – therefore the actions of ‘Cause and Effect’ come into place. In short ‘Action and Reaction’ - happiness and sadness, love and hate etc.

An example of this is how I met my wife. Unexpected, out of the blue, or fate, but after two days we met we decided to get married and that in nearly 43 years ago. Was it fate – yes I believe so! Yet, it is both of us who have had to work at the marriage, our own personal responsibility, not the spirits. I personally never blame spiritual forces - thank them – yes! But, we are all upon a great journey - and yes, we encounter storms, all par for the course and part of life’s rich tapestry.

Certain things can hold things back, perhaps timing, or because of a greater plan that will unfold. We live within the tight confides of the physical world, that at present we reside within, one that holds our narrow perspective until we gain the realisation and totality of eternal life.

You mention a couple of things you have to remove before you can become a couple with your loved one. My thoughts are that these are material in context and as such are issues that you have to resolve on both personal and individual levels. I wish you well, if fate has brought you together, now you must forge out and shape the foot-steps you are to trend. That is down to basic communication between each other. I am sure you both have the answers, just open your hearts and find them.

In Light and Guidance - Stephen

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