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Re: Where to start?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 6 March 2011
In Response To: Where to start? (Lisa)

Hello Lisa,

May I first of all say that I am sorry for my very late reply. I am always snowed under with e-mail. But last week I had a bout of migraine followed by food poisoning, which has really slowed me down. Anyway, it is your question that is more important.

Glad you found the website interesting. I have asked around about Spiritual Healing, though I do occasional healing work, it is not my primary gift. There are those of my contemporaries who try to do everything and finish with nothing. In short I believe in being the best you can possibly be of yourself and not second best of something else. In the case of spiritual healing; I feel this gift is of the highest. Also I find the more gifted healers tend to be placid in nature; I on the other hand am a little more extrovert. I am of the belief that you are the former of my two personality examples – thus you will have the qualities of calmness, compassion, and patience, which culminate in giving a balanced and gentle vibration. The energy fields often mentioned by mediums, which are reflected in healing and clairvoyance, modulate on differing vibrational levels though they interact. Both are different, but essential for the work they operate within.

You mention that you do not have a gift. It is more that you are unsure! Personally I would rather take your view, rather than some of the egocentric people I meet who wish the gift, for their own glorification. Now you have two gifts - humility!

I have advised people in the past to go to local Spiritualist Churches/Centres. This may be your first port of call. But the choice for you must be a personal one. You may like one place and not another. Sadly, I am at a point of not really knowing where in Nottingham I could direct you. Nonetheless, I have spoken to my friend at the Mansfield Spiritual Centre, on Dallas Street. I know this might be too far to travel, though I feel it is a really good place to go. If this is not suitable, please let me know and I will give you another address in Nottingham. I take spiritual meetings in Nottingham, but I only conduct my occasional spiritual healing from my home. In these days if you want to pursue spiritual healing, like all things nowadays, there are processes to go through. That is why I would suggest a visit to a local spiritualist church/centre is in the first instance.

May I wish you every success in your endeavours. Perhaps for more information you may checkout the website in the USA where I have a ‘blog’ on Spiritual Questions and Answers: it is www.spiritualistresources.com. You will also find other interesting information, which may be of help to you.

In Light and Peace


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