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Re: In their heads
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 26 February 2011
In Response To: In their heads (SMR)

Hello SMR,

I have read with interest your account of sensing various situations. If I understand what you are saying, you are indicating that most of the time the thoughts you pick up come true?

The situation is quite simple. Everyone posses the gifts of inspiration and intuition; both are elements within our spiritual capacity. Countless occasions have been recorded throughout history where people have responded to a thought which may inspire them, or where there is a pre-warning of an event or situation that will happen. It is usual for all people to have this ability, but some of us have a more defined gift. Some wish to develop the gift, whilst others just allow it to follow its natural course.

I am not sure about you statement ‘get out of my head’. The reason again is simple; we cannot get into another person’s head. That is unless the terminology you are using is purely a metaphor. I take the assumption you are using a figure of speech. So I believe you are at a point in your life where either you develop your spiritual capacity, or you will keep your inspired thoughts to yourself or perhaps only to those who are around you, those who are open enough to accept what you are saying.

Regarding your question - should you do something! It is really a matter for you and you alone. However, if you are seeking to gain advice or help on this subject, may I suggest you read through www.spiritualistresources.com. Alternatively you may wish to check out a Spiritualist Church/Centre where you live. I gather you live in Arizona: a first point of call could be the Church of the Living Spirit, in Glendale on: 623-972-3916 or log onto: www.churchofthelivingspirit.com

I wish you happiness with your decision.

In Light and with Blessings - Stephen

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