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Re: HELP- Passing away of my husband
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 19 February 2011
In Response To: HELP- Passing away of my husband (Buna)

Dear Buna,

First of all, may I say how sorry I am to hear of your very sad loss? I always feel that the first calendar year of a passing of any kind is the most difficult.

No matter what any person says, we always miss the physical presence of a loved one. They say that time is a healer. Yes it is! Nonetheless, the pain and sorrow is often masked, like a scar that is easily opened. I am fully aware of this, and have felt the pangs of sadness and sorrow at the loss of my own father, even after 40 years and having seen him in the World of Light. From your question, it is obvious that you are still deeply set within the grieving process, which takes time, support and assurance.

You ask about your husband’s purpose in this life. You are at the epicentre of grief. Therefore, it is difficult for you to see what the full purpose of your husband’s life is. Yet, your question is an indicator of the purpose. Within you, sorrow is the reflection of your depth of love – this is the reason, or the zenith, of the good you have brought together and this is what will reunite you both in the realms of light and beauty. You mention the quickness of his passing. A question I have asked myself, for many years, is a quick passing easier than losing a loved through a slow and painful one. Sadly, I do not know the answer, all I can say is that we have a physical span of earthly life; when that journey is complete, we must all return to our true home in the gracious realms of eternity.

Today we have many people, who treat the spiritual truth of eternal life with an almost theatrical desire to impart a belief that there are discarnate spirits roaming this world for all of eternity. The truth is simple – there are not!!! The reality is that our loved ones have taken a small step, out, into eternal light, where they will meet those who they have known and loved. We all move out into theWorld of Light, where there is a society of people, free from the fetters of this earthly world, and are now on a boundless movement of peace, tranquillity and total love. In simple terms, your husband is in heaven! One day when your own work here in earth is complete, through love, you will both meet again in ‘light’ – where he now resides, forevermore.

You also mention the ‘High Priestesses’, given to you by a so called medium. I really do not know where these people get these ideas from. Perhaps, they have watched too many television dramas, Hollywood blockbusters or third-rate television programmes. It amazes me why so many look at Victorian, Edwardian or Pre-Raphaelite images. Perhaps they are drawn to the likes of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, or Giovanni Stradano where depiction of characters and images of the next life is often highlighted in macabre or distorted imagery. The confusion belies the reality. There are no High Priestesses, and no grim reaper – knowledge takes away the mask of doubt and fear. Your husband is in total light, free of pain, and sorrow. I am sure your husband wants you to gain peace and assurance of eternal life. He is not between two-worlds; why, because no one ever is. You do not need to start, you have never stopped - your love is the light, the beacon of hope, and your salvation.

The candle you have is symbolic of light. The candle gives you comfort, because light and love is the link between all of our loved ones, who are but a breath away. I know that your husband is at peace, the love you have is the bond for both of your futures!

Peace cometh after pain.

In Peace and Life in Eternal Light


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