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HELP- Passing away of my husband
Date: 14 February 2011


My husband passed away last year in a couple of months it will be one year. How do I find out what was his purpose in this world? And (his purpose )it's connection to me?

He only complained of a stomach ache that morning dropped me to work entered his work place said good morning to his colleagues and passed away.

The previous night while we were talking I saw a small raise lump on his leg and asked him to see it to which he said continue what you were saying.

Nearly every night I get up at around 2:30, 3, 3:30 and feel he is there but do not have any proof. I talk to him in my mind. Do you think he is in between world's and has not crossed onto the other side, because I do not feel it's that I feel he is in the light (maybe it's because I want it to be).

I went to a medium and she tells me he is a light being (what does this mean) and that he is in a very high vibration and at present he is working with earth energies (what does that mean)

She also says she sees me as a high priestess and I'm not doing what I should. How do I go about doing what I should when I have no clue where to start.

The only thing of late that gives me comfort is lighting a candle near his image and burning incenses. IS this strange???


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