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Re: elvis presley whats he thinking
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 25 January 2011
In Response To: elvis presley whats he thinking (jean)


This is an interesting question. Why? It is simple, anyone who is a genuine spiritual medium will tell you that we do not read minds. Some people feel we can, but the truth is we cannot!

Our minds are our own. The mind readers claims are only an illusion, or theatre act. The reality is no one can read another’s thought, indeed why should they? Imagine if someone could read your own though process, uncomfortable to say the least, one would imagine!

Reference Elvis Presley. One may hazard to guess that he has now found great happiness, like all of us will do in a world of peace, tolerance and light. One may also feel that Elvis Presley possessed a great, if not a remarkable gift; yet it appears he found little true happiness in this world. One may also imagine, like many of the famous and gifted people, he had his full share of those who gained much from his generous nature.

I would imagine that Elvis Presley is now himself, accepted as himself, at peace, reflective and still using his tremendous gift to inspire and help others with his music. On a purely personal note maybe he is thinking “I’m glad to be away from that world and in this one”.

Kind regards

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