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Re: Intense Experience
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 4 December 2010
In Response To: Intense Experience (K)

Hello K,

Following your question I have deliberately taken time to answer. Owing to the fact that there appears top be a series of answers, you are looking for. However, initially I would suggest that the first answer must be for you and you alone. When you embark upon a spiritual pathway, you should ask yourself what are your personal spiritual aspirations, and most importantly why do you want to unfold your spiritual gifts. Many people answer with a glibly or have little thought. Your answer will be the bedrock of your development because the road to spiritual mediumship is not easy and there will be many trials and tribulations, along with great joy. Again if you seek to be of service to the Spirit World perhaps in the form of mediumship, the answer (your own) is of paramount importance to your spiritual growth and ultimate attainment.

From a personal point of view; I took a long, long time and looked deep into myself, to ascertain that my motivation was in-line with what eventually was to be the teachings I received over nine years from my mentor and spiritual teacher Jack Corbett. Consequently, may I suggest that the question of spiritual service is a critical element in your own capacity and within the growth of your association with your own spiritual guides and inspirers? I have heard of people who assert to be spiritual mediums, who say they can train a person, inside of a month, or two. My answer to those who profess to these wild comments is they have little or no knowledge of the interaction between the two-worlds. First, no one is fully developed, the process is a continuum, and never completed in this physical life time. In the words of my Spiritual Teacher – “there is no short cut to mediumship”.

Why am I making these points? Simply to draw your mind upon your spiritual capacity and for you to the development of your own mind! It is the mind that sees the glory of the greater day. If your mind is trained, then you will understand the changes in physical and spiritual conditions around and about you, for example changes with cold and warmth and a heightening of sensations. This is simply awareness, a cornerstone of spiritual development. Mediums feel pain. For example I have felt the cut of a surgeon’s knife, or a machine tool, that has cut a finger, or hand. But, this is not physical; it is how our spiritual companions let us know about either themselves or someone who passed out into light. They do not feel physical pain anymore, yet they have memory, again an integral element and capacity of the mind!

Your question does concern me in some ways. I am not saying that you have not found the right development group. It is paramount that your teacher embraces the skills, knowledge, awareness and commonsense to provide the basics essential to this sensitive and precious work before commencing to teach spiritual awareness. You are at an early part of the unfoldement of your spiritual capacity, this is a critical period where all things are delicately balanced, and you should be coached in the basics which start from embracing ‘Light’. You mention "mist with wings in it zipping round the outside of the circle". May I suggest that you need to understand a little more about the interactions of our spiritual friends? I mention light, because there is so much talk about ghosts, spectres, etc these days, all built upon lack of knowledge that leads to fear, a major barrier in any spiritual development! Your spiritual teacher in your Awareness Class should explain that the shadows will disappear, once you have developed your clear-sight.

The thought of the Spirit World with wings, to me, is a throwback to Ouija boards, popularised in Victorian times. Simply the word Ouija was possibly derived from either the French, German or Dutch words for ‘yes’: oui and ja. The mention of spirits that move, yes they do, but not with wings. Spiritual people that reside in the eternal World of Soul and Light travel through from one point to another, not with wings like a bird, but through the concept of the mind. Try this simply exercise: Think about a distant place, a building, bridge, sunlit seashore, or fragrant flower within your mind. Practice. You will see, taste, touch, feel and smell the fragrances, yet you have not moved – but the mind has moved! Now you are starting to open the capacity of your mind, let the light in, open up your sensory ability. Build a rapport with you Spiritual Guides and Teachers: Now you are starting to build with the fabric of the spirit, through awareness by taking away darkness and building the bridge of mediumship. Mind moves our spiritual companions through the shadows of the World of Earth out into the eternal realms of spiritual infinity and beyond.

Also, you mention a person with the head of an animal; again your spiritual teacher should be capable of teaching you that the only people with animal bodies exist with ancient mythology. Like Hermes, or with Zeus, disguised as a swan when he seduces Leda, the Queen of Sparta, which was painted in the sixteenth century by Michelangelo. Again, these are indicators that your spiritual teacher should be able to show you, but sadly there are not many true spiritual teachers about these days.

Lastly, you speak about colours and sensations which is simply the growth of your awareness.

Regarding the square that hopped, it is really a point of concentration where you were aware of the concentration of energy. Energy (the word coming from the Greek ἐνέργεια - energeia), is something we all need, both here in this world of earth, and in the realms of eternity. Like a car with no fuel will not go, we all need energy. Energy is something you sit for in your Development Group. Unfortunately in these days of instant mediumship, there is too much emphasis on passing messages rather than on your spiritual development. The pathway of spiritual awareness and mediumship can be slow, laborious and at time boring, but vital for the difficulties and rigours of spiritual work. I have been developing my capacity for over 30 year, yet I have a million miles and more to go. But it is worth all of the effort and hard work, which is for the purpose to serve humanity.

In conclusion, the pain you experienced that lasted for over two hours. Again, this is all part of your spiritual development. I have heard mediums who keep saying take this or that condition away, whilst on the public platform. It only shows a lack of development. You must learn to cut off and withdraw. Your spiritual guides have great knowledge; may I suggest this strengthening of the bond between you, will eradicate and take the situation away. Please try to remember there is nothing in the World of Light and Beauty that will harm you, they come to us to help, support, nurture and unfold our spirituality in their quest for spiritual harmony, peace and enlightenment.

Always nurture strength of spirit, the path may be arduous, but victory will crown your efforts with light, love and serenity.

Showers of Blessings


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