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By:gina mackay
Date: 10 November 2010
In Response To: Re: I see spirit & spirit light (Stephen Wakeling)

1 November 2010
thank you so very much for a rapid response to my questions, its wonderful to get positive answers from someone as popular as yourself. I have seen you a couple of times at portobello s church & was very impressed as well as entertained by your humour, it is there that I was given a super message from Bernice Winstanley who told me that I had a lot of work ahead should I go down that road. you ask me why I want to do this, my answer to that is that I feel so comfortable in church, find myself looking forward to my circle although its very early days yet, but mostly I want to help people with their greiving like people like yourself have helped me, I see this as working for god and definitely not about making money. my menter is June the church minister who im sure you know well, I feel I cant ask for better than that. cant wait to see you again Stephen, thanks again for helping me on my journey, time will tell if its my destiny, I sure hope so.

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