Medium Stephen Wakeling Answers Your Questions

Spiritual Work in California (Part 1): El Segundo, Escondido and Gardena
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 30 October 2010

California is vibrant, warm, exciting and unique. Nothing is more evident with its diverse acceptance of life than within its spiritual understanding, which presents openness, a key to opportunity for spiritual growth and awareness. California has been described as being the very apex of human evolution - it is!

San Francisco provides the whole spectrum of experience from China Town, to Alcatraz and Fishermans Wharf. With the Giant Redwoods in the north, down to mile upon mile of beautiful beaches in the south. Of course there is the vitality, energy, multiplicity and variety of Los Angeles and colour of San Diego, where the Portuguese Captain Juan Rodriguez first stepped ashore in 1542.

The spirituality in California provides an insight to a wider view of and offers something for everyone. Like the spiritual journey we are all upon at the moment, there is too much to take in one short visit. Perhaps it is like reincarnation, which is why I want to go back again.

Eternal Light Center of Hope Spiritualist Church - El Segundo

This very special spiritual haven is located in El Segundo, just south of Los Angeles International Airport. I was told that El Segundo is a City within the County of Los Angeles. The Eternal Light Center of Hope is set in a quiet district, and this peacefulness is reflected back into the essence of the church itself.

On arrival at the Church, my wife and I were met by the Reverend Pat Lang who has just celebrated her 35th year in ministry. The Reverend Pat is a truly spiritual lady, with a gentleness that one will only find in one of life’s great Spiritual Healers.

A large group of people were extremely active, doing what turned out to be a special ‘Mexican’ meal, to be served to the congregation after the Divine Service, including my demonstration of spiritual mediumship. The meal is an every week treat for all to enjoy, part of the reason why the Eternal Light Center of Hope is an oasis for so many people.

Eternal Light Center of Hope is predominantly a church for Spiritual Healing, thus giving an astonishing, gentle energy to a wide-ranging and attentive congregation. Sunday Services are held in a Masonic Hall, beautiful décor, orderly; and everything comes together to build a sanctuary of tranquility, friendliness and somewhere you will wish to return, time and time again. The Sunday Service, lead by Reverend Pat Lang, was further supported by many kind and welcoming members of the church, with ‘Spiritual Healing’ given to many of the congregation who attended. For my part the Spiritual Demonstration went very well, with the wonderful energy that has been built in the Eternal Light Center of Hope. I am sure the same happens at every meeting, week in, and week out.

People often ask me how many messages I gave, and what was my spiritual philosophical talk about. Generally I have little recall of specifics. But, for my part all went very well, and everything was received with interest, and applause, by all in the congregation.

The words of thanks and many messages through my website, facebook, twitter and e-mail are a reflection of the people who attend the Eternal Light Centre of Hope. So, new friends, and fond memories of El Segundo where I hope to return to see the Reverend Pat Lang, her congregations and last, but definitely not least, a very special lady ‘Dixie’, whose knowledge of driving in LA was invaluable for collecting and delivering my wife and I back to our hotel in Marina del Rey.

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Church, Escondido

Sarah from SpiritualistResources.com opened the door for me to take a Spiritual Demonstration at the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association (HGSA) in Southern California.

The location of the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association (HGSA) a few miles just outside of the growing town of Escondido, is set on 13 acres of land in a beautiful oak tree grove. There is something for everyone seeking spiritual enlightenment, from Teachings, Psychic Fairs, Message Groups and MeetUp Events, the latter being the one organised for me. There is so much for the spiritual seeker at Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association I would suggest you checkout their website on harmonygrovespiritualist.org and you will see what I mean.

I understand that with the Reverend Julia Kyle, Elivia Melodey is the organizer of Harmony Grove's Adventures in Spiritual Discovery. She arranged for me to take my ‘Evening of Spiritual Mediumship’. Unfortunately, Elivia was sadly out of state, when I was there. But, in her promotion of the Evening of Clairvoyance, she said on the website: “I'm stepping out of the box of our monthly Meetups to offer this Golden Opportunity to our Meetup members as it's an offering that you won't want to miss! I will be out of state, so you'll have a great evening”.

Reverends Julia Kyle and Christine Dreyer were the hosts for my evening at Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association. Along with all of the other members I met from HGSA, I am so pleased to say, they were all absolutely marvellous hosts, their help made the Evening of Clairvoyance - “British Style” - such a great evening . The very special Church at HGSA was packed, full of people of all ages, and it would appear from the messages I gave, all with connections from all parts of the world. It is unusual for me to take a meeting for a two-hour duration, but that was asked of me, so I gave the full two-hours, finishing with a poem given to me from my Spiritual Teacher - Jack Corbett, which is called ‘The Prayer for the Mourner’. Already, I have been asked to forward many copies; the poem must have touched many hearts and emotions. I suppose with the different countries and cultures I spiritually connected with, it is also evidence that time, distance and space are no barriers to those in the ‘World of Light’ who wish to pass information and evidence of survival beyond what we know as physical death.

I have received many words of thanks, initially through the HGSA website. I would like to say a big thank you to those who have taken the time to send so many kind messages to me. The comments have been placed via e-mail, facebook, and twitter. The positive comments are a reflection of the people who attend the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association. The whole spiritual experience has given me so many new friends, and fond memories of Southern California. Hopefully, I may to return to see them all again. Particularly, Reverend Julia Kyle and her Mother, who we spent some time reminiscing about days gone by in Liverpool and England.

First United Spiritualist Church, Gardena, Los Angeles

First United Spiritualist Church is a quintessential, friendly and welcoming church. If you are ever in LA, this is a place not to miss. There is a most special, special, ambience about First United. On one-hand, the work of the Reverend Sharon Sanders, a truly spiritual lady, and on the other-hand, the support of Zack Rehfeld, along with a vibrant group of true spiritual workers, makes a memorable spiritual sanctuary. First United brings together strength of spirituality that gives help, support and peace. Above everything, if you visit, you will find an oasis of peace that takes you away from the pressure of a massive vibrant and diverse city.

First United Spiritualist Church is located at 813 West, 165th Place, Gardena, which is not a quarter of affluence, in the City of Los Angeles. Nevertheless, the district of Gardena, offers a wide diversity of people, where you meet a community that traverses the whole spectrum of life. At First United you are greeted by wonderful spiritual workers, who have the knowledge to help others to reach their own aims and objects, in the many avenues of life.

Just prior to my spiritual philosophy and demonstration of mediumship, I looked outside of the window of the church. The sun always shines in California, or so they say, and the sun did shine. Yet it was far brighter inside this quaint spiritual church. Why? Because of the people who work tirelessly to help support an area of the Great City of Los Angeles where there is a considerable need for true enlightenment, peace and tranquillity.

Things got even better when I was very surprised to see two special ladies at Gardena. Silvia and Fran had travelled all the way up from San Diego, to see me in Los Angeles. They has been at Harmony Grove Spiritualist Church when I did my Evening of Clairvoyance. It appears they enjoyed it so much that they wanted to be at the Sunday Divine Service. A big, big thank you, to Silvia and Fran, and not to forget the wonderful Spiritual Healing I got from them after the service, which was absolutely first-class - brilliant!

One day, with the help of technology, I am sure that Sharon and I will eventually get together in the virtual world of today’s communication, because she is one of those people who should be top of your list to be in contact with. Why? Because she is so spiritually special. The time we spent in LA is still fresh in the minds of both my wife and I, with the Reverend Sharon’s two boys; I feel like I have gained a new extended family, an addition to my grand-parenting - great!

So it was a remarkable time in California, making it spiritually rewarding to meet likeminded people, all because of the work of Sarah at SpiritualistResources.com, who makes spiritual things happen for the betterment of all.