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Re: death case
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 28 October 2010
In Response To: death case (carla)

Hello Carla

I have given this question a lot of thought; sadly it is not an area where I personally do my spiritual work. From you question I understand that you are looking for a psychic detective.

I think what they want is a medium or psychic who would work for free (pro bono) to try to find out from a person in the Spirit World who has been physically killed and who may, or was the perpetrator of the crime.

May I first say to you that the work of a spiritual medium is to provide proof of survival of life beyond physical death. Yes, there have been many cases, where I have had communication with a person who has had a tragic death. But, those of ‘light’’ who have passed to me information, only wanted to rely thoughts of hope and peace, to their loved ones who are left here in the World of Earth. Nonetheless, there have been many documented cases, where police investigations have been helped, or in some occasional cases, solved through the help of a psychic detective. Even in Victorian times there was a very unique spiritual medium called Robert James Lees who was born the small Leicestershire town of Hinckley on the 12th of August 1849. Lees was involved in the famous Whitechapel ‘Jack the Ripper’ investigations. He was the medium for Queen Victoria, who purchased a house for him on the on the Fosse South Road in Leicester, the house ‘Hazlehurst’ was a place my spiritual teacher always pointed out, when I would take him to his home in Leicester, England. Robert James Lees passed into eternity on the 11th of January 1931.

There are countless stories and perhaps a few, a very few, gifted people who work in the field of the ‘Psychic Investigator' or 'Detective’ I understand there is a person listed on spiritualistresources.com or maybe you could look at the website of an excellent spiritual medium in England. The medium works from the Wimbledon Spiritualist Church in London, his name is Keith Charles; why not check Keith Charles's website out? I wish you well in your endeavours; it is that I am sorry my own work is not within this area of mediumship.

In Light


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