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Re: glowing shadows
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 October 2010
In Response To: glowing shadows (sonya)

Hello Sonya

Thank you. This is a very interesting question. The reference to seeing a glow around the medium, at a local church, shows your ability to see the movement of spiritual energy around the person.

When I first started my pathway of awareness I, like you, attended a local Spiritualist Church. Often, I would see a glow, colours and energy around the medium. Indeed, you may see as I did, outwards bursts of energy, in various colours moving beyond the medium. Thus I became aware of the movement of spiritual energy and the interaction of spiritual entities, which came to pass information through the medium to those in attendance at the clairvoyant or healing meetings.

In short, it would appear that you are seeing the ‘Auric Fields’, an area of spiritual work that many make claims of seeing, but few do. But, with your description it would appear that you are using your spiritual capacity, thus seeing the Auric Fields clearly. May I take this question and give a little depth through a page I have upon my website as this may give you an insight into the Aura?

The Aura

Throughout history there have been people who have identified the luminous glow that surrounds people. In general, observers have depicted a glow of colours or ‘Gloria’ emitting from the general area around the head or shoulders. This observation was mostly akin to people of supposed higher rank or holding religious or spiritual virtues. In less reported circumstances, the whole body may be seen to be embraced within an extended vibrational movement of colour. This in known as the ‘Aureole' or 'Nimbus’.

These observations describe either the Aureole, which essentially means a painted or carved representation of a circle of light around the head of a divine being, or saint. The word 'Nimbus' denotes a cloud of light, which surrounds a god, goddess, saintly or holy person. The 'Aura', as it has come to be known, is representative of ‘Spiritual Power’. Throughout history, ‘Godheads' or 'Saints’ were generally depicted in gold, whilst ‘Patriarchs’ in silver, and the more ordinary people were given an array of colours from blue, red, yellow, green, orange, indigo or violet.

Superstition and negativity through history have depicted black has a colour synonymous with evil. However, today’s teachings reflect that black is more of a reflective colour. Black is seen with the more advanced, or astute spiritual teacher, where there is the capacity to grasp this concept of understanding and depth of knowledge. The colour depicts the ability to use the experience of ‘contract’ by application of polar-opposites, in a positive way.

Personally I see ‘four’ Auric Fields: They are the mental, physical, etheric and spiritual Auras.

Welcome to the world of ‘clear-sight’. I hope that you gain the support to develop the spiritual gift you talk about. In conclusion, a thought on the ‘Soul’ that may help you to delve deeper into your own spirituality: “The soul is spiritual energy that manifests itself through the physical body, a pure crystalline vessel of which the rainbow of divinity shines through”.

I hope this helps you in your spiritual quest!

In Light and Peace - Stephen

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