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Re: Spirit beings
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 2 June 2017
In Response To: Spirit beings (Judy)

Hello Judy

Thank you for your question. Though, in reality, reading through your words, there are really more questions than answers. To a great degree, over my previous answers through the years, I have already given great insight into these recurring topic(s).... Nonetheless, there are many differing views on the whole subject you ask about. As such, my answer is my interpretation, the one I have gained over the many years of involvement within spiritual development.

My personal standpoint is based upon common-sense, simplicity and logic... Therefore, I will reply briefly, because you really need to speak to someone, preferably face-to-face, with a person who has gained knowledge and experience... so as to grasp greater depth of spiritual awareness.

You mention change. To be sure “Change” is a continual process, in this life and out into the beyond. You say: “When we are spirits...” Yes we are all “Spirits”. The word is simply general terminology.... For everyone is held within the “Mantle of Spirituality” whether they reside here, in the “World of Light” or have moved into the realms of “Eternal Light...” All living things are held with a “Spark of Divinity” - it’s described as the “Soul” - without it, we simply would not exist. An easy way to understand this is a saying gained from an ancient religion which is: “We move from eternity into this world and return back to eternity...”

Do we have an “Ego” in the next dimension.... of course we do. Ego is not negativity; because spiritually enlightened people use “Ego” as a positive force. Not for oneself, but as a catalyst for the betterment of the whole...

Regarding “male and female” there appears to be a little confusion. One should take away any sexual undertone, because once one enters into eternity, there is a different realisation of needs, irrespective of your thoughts being either male or female. The essence is that we have moved forward and released from the physical body. Sexual interaction is a necessity in this world - so as to produce the physical body. When we move from this world, we are held within our “Spiritual Body” a body which interacts within a higher vibration - which is spiritual, not physical - moving in its own natural environment.

Regarding your point about mates in heaven and the word “Love”. Perhaps, if you are thinking about a physical love - then no, you may try it, but sadly it won’t do you a lot of good. But, if you mean love - in its truest and purist sense - well yes, yes and yes. Love is boundless, the light of the universe and beyond - it is everything, it is unsurpassed, becoming the foundation for all that is for the betterment of humanity and life as we know it here, and within the eternal light...

Showers of Blessing and Enlightenment


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