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Re: Looking for controlled studies on outcome-based studies on parapsychological phenomena
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 9 September 2010

Hello Ed,

I find this an unusual question in that there is only one definitive answer, which is the one you personally want. Some who seek the continuity of life after physical death are totally convinced that consciousness continues beyond this life. On the contrary, there are those whose pattern of life will always be pessimistic, dismissive and non-believing. The choice rests with each of us through our own understanding.

You may seek the answer to your question throughout this world, throughout the universe. But the answer lies in the shortest journey, that journey is a single step, which is into your own self. We all have the answer to the riddle of life. My response to your questions will be polar-opposite to yours taking into account that you are an agnostic, and I am a believer in the presence of a divine power, which many call God.

No matter what experiments, studies or research will give you the answer, I have mine for I have seen beyond the psychical and out into the ‘golden dawn’. I wish you well with studies, and know that one-day, you will get the answer you seek. I have seen the psychic tests and the endless programmes on the media, all non-conclusive. Your interest in controlled experiments is interesting to people who are either believers, or not. The point on errors can be measured within the difference between a Psychic and a Spiritual Medium – the gulf is immense and very different. May I suggest that to gain an objective study, or thesis, you could research many samples, including those who claim to be either a psychic, or a medium, against those who seek spiritual enlightenment, opposed to others whose motivation is only to seek either fame or financial gain. I would trust the results would be a stark contract, and with those of greater capacity the percentile variants will be remarkably different. An old saying from my Spiritual Teacher and Mentor Jack Corbet was: “some people do not believe anything, unless they see with their own eyes, it is fortunate that though we cannot see the air we breathe, we have greater fortune that frosty night we can” – seeing is believing - but not for all of us.

If you are looking to take an objective open-minded study, may I suggest that you contact your local Spiritualist Church, or go to Psychic events? Look for a wide sample to observe and record your findings. There are Paranormal Groups, not an area of interest to me, but this should not deter you on a scientific study. I always remember an old saying: “seek and you will find”. I wish you well on your own journey, in that one day you will gain the answers, but perhaps not all in this world.

In Light and Peace - Stephen

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