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Re: Do Spirits Celebrate the New Year?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 30 December 2016
In Response To: Do Spirits Celebrate the New Year? (Maria Elena)

Hello Maria

This is not a question I have never asked or pondered upon. But the answer I believe is held within these words from the enlightened “Spiritual Guide - Silver Birch” - whose message for the New Year is:

"Those who are privileged to have knowledge of spiritual realities should never allow any kind of degree of pessimism to effect a blockage within their beings. The power of the spirit is greater than any force that humans can command. Man can delay; man can hinder; man can impede. But he cannot prevent the descent of the mighty power of the spirit to fulfil its ordained plan."

Perhaps those of enlightenment celebrate everyday - though their understanding of the great days is within the realms of eternity, now that they are beyond singular memory of our earthly cycle of celebration, held within the restraints of this world...

So enjoy your New Year but accept the greatest celebrations of eternity

Peace and Light


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