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Re: Clairsence Feeler
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 18 October 2016
In Response To: Clairsence Feeler (Maria)

Hello Maria

Thank you for your question. The only problem is, when asking for recommendations on what to read, or what not to, really depends on the individual. This is not opting out - but everyone to their own expectations. What might suit you - might not suit anyone else - perhaps that is why libraries are all full of books and the internet contains endless connections.

Like the story of life - seek and you will find. Look across the internet, look at a book shop, or simply ask. Depending on your spiritual unfoldment, finding is a starting point - though true knowledge is rather simple and of course you have to understand its content and also put into practice the good points you find. Alternatively, reading the countless answers in my posts (below) and as they say - start at the beginning.

In enlightenment and Peace

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