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Re: orbs
By:Stephen Wakeling <spiritualistresources@gmail.com>
Date: 8 September 2010
In Response To: orbs (nicholas)

Hello Nicholas,

Initially I feel there is lot of confusion around you and some misunderstanding about spiritual matters. There are a lot of views on orbs and what it means when one sees them. First of all, many people see, or are aware of spiritual activity when they are young. Why? Because there is no fear. During adolescence the natural interaction between the two worlds is more fluid, until the element of fear enters into the communicative process and then barriers are built, holding back natural interaction.

But what are Orbs? With all things spiritual or psychic there are differing points of view. From my experience ‘orbs’ is a containment of spiritual energy, something I have always had is the gift of objective clairvoyance, the capacity to see spiritual manifestations. Sometimes I have observed them like a ball of ‘light’, at other occasions, through any of the colours that are the refraction of light, within the whole spectrum, including red, green, blue etc. Orbs are a containment of energy, have nothing negative or anything that would cause concerns. Why? Because all things emit from the Spirit World. Indeed the ‘Soul’ is simply “Spiritual energy that manifests itself through the psychical body”. One should try to remember that without the Soul the psychical body is dead, and the energy that is our gift from Divinity has returned to its true home in the World of Eternal Light.

Today with all of this growth in the paranormal, ghosts and strange goings on, we have built a culture of fear. All the people who have entered into eternity living in a real world are with real people and have more important things to do than present ghostly apparitions whereupon people are frightened. Knowledge takes away fear, so for this standpoint I am sure that your Mom has nothing to fear from those who are in the Spirit World. There is nothing from a spiritual aspect that will cause concern, or worry. Nevertheless, there may be matters in the material world in which we all live in, that may be the root cause of the situation you mentioned. My personal advice is for you to seek professional guidance if there are concerns with reference to a health or physical nature with your Mother.

On a final note may I suggest that you should visit a Spiritualist Church or Centre within your own home town? Please seek a reputable place, there are many listed on SpiritualistResources.com who can give you sound advice, guidance and counselling; I am sure this will help to reassure you.

In Light and Peace – Stephen

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