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Confused Soul
Date: 17 September 2015

Sorry if this is lengthy...I've had a confused soul for most of my life, never feeling like I quite fit in or constantly confused. I'm almost 31 and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up but that's besides the point... A few years back I was living in Tampa, FL and I found the most amazing church in the world, The Peoples Spiritualist Church. All of a sudden I felt complete but due to my fiancÚs job we had to move back to Valdosta, GA (As far south you can get) due to it being in South GA there are no such welcoming worship as my church in FL...And I didn't love that church because my amazing pastor was a medium (it was a only bonus)

I loved that church because every Sunday I physically could feel the love and happiness in that building. Sometimes it was so intense I would start crying just to release pressure i was feeling. I was told by my pastor that I was a gifted dreamer and a healer and to work on these things...how can I be a healer when I can't even heal myself...I've tried meditation but my number one problem is I'm a constant worrier and can't calm down my thoughts...

Honestly I don't even know what my real question is and you don't even have to reply...I feel a tinge better writing this down and putting it out into he universe

Thank you for even having a place for someone to hear my thoughts that understand me!

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