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Re: My son's special lights
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 19 February 2015
In Response To: My son's special lights (Kate)

Hello Kate

Thank you for your question, one which is often asked. In many cases people use the terminology of seeing a spherical shaped object, commonly called a ‘Orb’. There are a lot of views about what it means, and its interpretation when observing this concentration of energy.

With your young son, often there is more noticeable spiritual activity around young people because there is no fear. During adolescence, the natural interaction between the ‘Two-World’s’ is more fluid, until the element of fear, or changes in one’s life pattern, interrupts the communicative process and barriers are built, holding back natural communication.

With all things spiritual, or psychic, there are differing points of view. But what are ‘Orbs’? From my experience, they are a containment of spiritual energy. With the gift of objective clairvoyance, there is a capacity to see the build-up of spiritual manifestation. This may manifest like ‘Orbs' or 'Discs of Light’, and on occasions, showing every conceivable colour, through the refraction of light across the whole spectrum including: red, green, blue etc. These ‘Balls of Light’ can be globular, spherical, or elongated in shape. They are a containment of energy, which holds no negativity, or anything to cause concern. Why, you may ask? The answer to this point is rather simple, because everything emanates from the ‘World of Light and Peace’. One should try to remember that without the ‘Soul’ (spiritual energy, manifesting itself through the physical body), there is no earthly life. Without the ‘Soul’, the physical body is dead, and the energy that is our gift from ‘Divinity’ has returned to its true home, in the ‘World of Eternal Light’.

It must have been wonderful for you to have seen so much spiritual activity around your son when he was young. You also mention seeing a part of his ‘Aura’; without going into the subject, you glimpsed into what is the ‘Diary’ of one’s life. Sadly, some believe the Aura can tell the future - the reality is - it cannot. The various colours all vibrate at different levels, through the spectrum of light. Spiritually they do mean something, though the interpretation is different for each person. To me, the colours you mention denote in sequence; red - strength/energy, blue - spirituality/intuition, green – balance, pink - devotion and white - purity/peace, all very positive of the future days to come. However the colour interaction and association, including the configuration, intensity and correlation with other energy needs to be considered, to gain a greater insight into the individual situation one sees...

Please enjoy any other spiritual encounters as you move forward in light. I have placed a footnote reference ‘Energy’ I hope it explains a little more.

With showers of light - Stephen

Footnote on Energy

Energy is a natural science, the word has its roots in ancient science, and today it is used in many other disciplines. The word energy is widely used in various spheres of life; however the meanings ascribed to the word may vary in many ways. One definition that encompasses many of the present usages is that energy is "the potential for causing change", and is a concept used to understand and describe processes. This definition captures the sense that energy is often viewed as the cause for changes that humanity observes, and may lead to understanding spiritual matters including ‘Orbs’.

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