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Re: My mediumship
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 30 January 2015
In Response To: My mediumship (Amanda)

Dear Amanda

Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear about your father passing, particularly when he was young. The same happened to me many years ago. However, I found the grief the catalyst for me to seek out spiritual understanding; as such, a pathway that continually keeps opening and unfolding.

In reality, the crux of the question you ask is about spiritual development, though within your words, you appear to give yourself the obvious answers. There is no ‘easy path’; everything will have its ups and downs, full of opportunities, and of course, disappointments. No one walks your own individual pathway through this world. Yes, you are guided; but you are in this world to develop your own understanding, personality, individuality, comprehension and inner-peace. Please remember, we are all figuratively speaking “Working out our own imperfections, whilst upon the potter’s wheel of life”... As such, spiritual unfoldement is no different, and all part of the movement of life...

I have answered many similar questions for a long time. Perhaps, if you take a little time look at my many answers on ‘Spiritualist Resources’, you will open your mind to ‘higher forces’, who will inspire your mind through thought.

You mention an awareness of your father and those who have moved beyond this world. All you describe is what commonly known, using a spiritual metaphor, as a condition, or awareness of other energies. In simple terms, your senses were impressed by a person or person(s) giving you an awareness of the physical ailment they had whilst in this world of matter. Whether you attend a church, or not, is really your choice. But be aware those who come to help and support don’t only work in a church, there are many ways in which we are able to ‘Serve’ the movement of humanity. Please note ‘Serve Others’ are the operative words, the rewards we seek are not for oneself, but for the purpose and well-being of other people.

Regarding you attending an Open-Circle, well the decision is purely yours. However, my thoughts go back to my spiritual teacher, who always advised anyone to keep away from ‘Open Circles’. The reason being you are in the early stages of your spiritual unfoldement; as such, you are ‘open’ to any conditions. ‘Open-Circles’ are often presented by people with limited spiritual capacity, knowledge, or the skills to teach, such an intricate subject as spiritual unfoldement. The question about developing your spiritual gift is: is it best suited for a ‘closed-circle’, with an advanced teacher, one with common-sense, experience, credibility and patience. Such groups are rare I know, but they do exist...

What concerns me is you say you developed your gift when you say you ‘ran’ open circles. This is rather perplexing; or are you just using words without clarity of thought? One is never really developed. Like any ‘GIFT’, mediumship is always unfolding, the process is a continuum, and never ending. Those who support you from the ‘World of Light’ do not desert you; no it is we, who move into different avenues, whilst upon the journey of this life.

The answer you seek is rather simple. With the question you ask, you really only need to do one thing. That one thing is to work, work and work again, upon your gift(s). There are no simple answers. If one opens the mind to light, then you will attract light, this will allow you to gain clear-thought. The benefits provide a reward far greater than anything in the ‘Physical World’ in which we now residing.

May I wish you every success in your spiritual endeavours?


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