Medium Stephen Wakeling Answers Your Questions

Date: 3 November 2014

Dear Mr Wakeling,

I have been studying and practising reiki now for 2 - 3 years and love everthing about it and the gentle healing energy. However over the past few months i keep finding messages from spirit being past to me and and i am asked to pass them on. Some messages are stronger and more urgent than others. I find it distracting at times although my clients do not seem to notice and often comment on how amazing the session was. The question is should i find a medum or spiritualist church to begin to practise mediumship with. I have had several strange happenings and enconunters in my life but never messages.

Also i have a very physic son who i think could do with some guidance to control and protect himself, if you have any suggestions or advise. He is 10 yrs old.

Many thanks lyn.

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