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Re: A reading I had
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 1 June 2014
In Response To: A reading I had (Leeann)

Hi Leeann

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately I received it whilst in the Canary Islands, in Fuerteventura, so as you can imagine, I am late with a reply. I did have notification of your inquiry, though I had only a small window of time to check my e-mails, and then back into a period with no internet. Nonetheless, I have pondered over your words, and to be quite honest and frank, to a great degree you already have grasped the answer yourself.

However there are a few points which might help. First I would bring your attention to the realisation that the link we have with the next dimension, though real, is still a tenuous one. Nothing can be taken lightly. The communication between the ‘Two-Worlds’ is a truly wondrous gift, which is more precious than anything of this world. What we receive is really a blessing beyond our comprehension. For over 30 years, I have worked with bereaved people - some possess only faith to hold onto - helping them to move forward. The problem is that not everyone is open to the wider realisation of eternal life; confusion stems from some of the strange people we get within today’s spiritual avenues, those people who lose the reality of common-sense.

The second point is to understand communication. Perchance, you might look at everyday communication, known in the media as the ‘Communication Process’. Everything we communicate is transmitted through our ‘Senses’, bringing a response through our barriers of perception and prejudice, to stimulate a response, ending with feedback. Whether you are contacting this world or the next, we are using a form of communication, ultimately through the facet of the mind. Sometimes all is clear, at other points in time it is inaudible. For example, I couldn’t contact you whilst on holiday, so we have to wait for a reply. This is no different from our loved-ones in the next dimension. Alternatively, all mediums or psychics work upon different vibrations, not unlike everyone we meet. The point is simple: When ‘Spiritual Intercourse’ is on the right frequency and the recipients are ‘attuned’ and capable of dialogue, it will happen, today, tomorrow, or at some point in what we call this life-time...

If you count your blessings and the information you received, you will gain wider realisation and understanding.

Reference not having the loved-ones you would have wished for in your reading: There is every chance you inadvertently ‘blocked’ the communication connection. Alternatively, like all things, you have to wait, or the communication, like mine whilst on holiday, was not connected. At least your husband received information, a wonderful awareness of eternal life, one I hope that will support your further opportunities for spiritual dialogue, self-awareness, belief and acceptance.

In light and Peace


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