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Re: Negative in the Universe?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 20 April 2014
In Response To: Negative in the Universe? (D.)


I will be rather short in my answer, because some of the points you raise are not within the content of my spiritual work or experience.

The first point you bring up is about negativity in the universe. To me there is only one form of negativity, and that, you will find in the minds of a few people who are residing in this world. Most certainly there is no negativity for those who have moved into the realms of eternity. The reason for my answer is very simply that they have advanced, beyond the thoughts of those with little or no concept of the wider remit of eternity…

The second point about the next world being hellish: Rather a ridiculous thought. Perhaps you should open your mind and grasp illumination of your soul, and take away asinine thoughts about heaven and hell. You may then comprehend: hell is in this world, something created by those of materialistic thought and conviction, held within long-gone doctrines cultivated to hold people under religious restraints and control.

You mention different levels; for some this makes sense, it offers a material assessment of how one would progress. However, if you take away the limitations of material restrictions, you will start to grasp the concepts of greater knowledge and gain the understanding of the simplicity of growth from spiritual verities and attainment.

Regarding your other questions, which I assess relate to spiritual growth, may I suggest that you look at my previous answers placed onto ‘Spiritualist Resources’, and you will find the answers on countless previous replies.

Trying to bring together your last points I assume you are asking again about hell, and my explanations of this so called place. Earlier I have asserted to the word you use 'hell'… I only work in LIGHT! I am not aware, or conscious, of this place called hell, apart from its possible existence in this “World of Earth and Matter”. Without over stating my views, I have never seen a ghost, phantom or anything dark. Why, may you ask? Simple, I do not dwell in the low lands of ignorance, where only fools chatter and play. I have learnt there is only one thing for the whole of humanity, something that all of the great teachers of enlightenment have found, which is illumination, peace, tranquility and inescapable love for all people. Spirituality takes you away from darkness, leading you onto the pathway of self-discovery through complete and limitless peace gained in love and light.

I hope your mind opens to the simplicity of enlightenment

Peace and understanding comes to all



If you are so interested in the subject you ask about, perchance you should step back to the 14th Century and read the words of “Dante Alighieri” in his epic poem ‘Inferno’. Or on the other hand, grasp spiritual truth and move into light...

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