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Re: My grandparents
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 28 March 2014
In Response To: My grandparents (Kim)

Dear Kim

There is so much within your question, or should I say questions, I feel the only way to give any answer is to reply to each paragraph at a time. In paragraph one, you mention getting a dog. I see no correlation between your grandfather's interest in the canine species and your own. It is like anyone; my father loved dogs, I do and my grandchildren do – all a matter of normal course, within life.

Paragraph two is rather confusing to say the least. You are asking me spiritual questions, though you say in your words: “I can feel energies of rooms and people; I am attendant to when my guides tell me useful information. I'm very good at reading peoples energy and vibrations”. So if you are in touch with your ‘spiritual companions’ – why ask me, and not them? Sorry, but without given any offence, the paragraph simply doesn’t make sense...

In your third paragraph, you mention about going to a ‘Medium’. You say she was correct on some things and not others: quite common place, no form of communication is flawless, not even mediumship. However, the point about ‘Marilyn Monroe’ makes no sense; perhaps she was not receiving spiritual communication, and came up with some random anecdote, just to fill in time... You say she didn’t have contact with your Grandpa; again nothing can be taken for granted, and perhaps their energies were not compatible at that point in time. Whether she was true, or not, is not for me to affirm, this lies soundly at your doorstep and totally up to you to make a decision about what was said at the time. I feel the point about keeping your guard up is nothing more than words, with little, or no realism.

The last paragraph is all about nothing. Often suitable techniques given by those who are not in touch with ‘Spiritual and Mediumistic’ vibrations, throw out as reference about some intangible, discarnate person. Often the reference is to an American Indian, Arabian Prince, or a in your case, females dressed in Togas. If they were chatty, as you described, then logic would tell you they would have given you clear, irrefutable evidence, which would have helped you. Perchance, the medium you mention should have given information about your life here in this world, or spiritual words to help you open your own pathway. It is obvious this was not the case; without being rude I might suggest you ask for your money back, or accept this was an experience which did not yield what you wanted...

In Light and Awareness


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