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My grandparents
Date: 17 March 2014

Hello, Four months ago I adopted a dog, since I have had my dog, I think about and feel my grandpa more and more. He died thirteen years ago, when I was eleven. I had seen him a handful of times and wasn't close to him at all, also he was an animal lover, especially dogs. Is it possible my grandpa is attracted to my dog and I? Looking for answers about my grandfathers spirit present, I've become much more sensitive to spiritual things as I learn more about it. I can feel energies of rooms and people, I am attendant to when my guides tell me useful information. I'm very good at reading peoples energy and vibrations, Could my grandpa be awakening abilities I had all along? Is there anything I can do to further communication with him? Is he here for a certain message or personal comfort (for the small depression I've been getting)?

On another note, I went to a medium yesterday for the first time, I've never doubted such an ability, She was correct about somethings. she brought up my grandmother (married to the grandpa above) who died when I was one. she said she has been with since she passed, because she had a strong connection to me when she was on earth. she then asked what my grandmothers name was, Marilyn, and proceeded to say that my grandmother was giving her images of marilyn monroe. I don't understand why she wouldn't give me the information before so I could validate what she was saying, (she did the same thing with something else too, but less important) she didn't give me anything to validate it was her except that my grandmother was holding me as a baby. It just got me skeptical if she was true or not. She did not bring up my grandpa at all until I brought him up at the end, asking if I had mixed up their spirits and she agreed with me that he has been with me for a while because he's being protective of someone new in my life and that I need to leave my guard up, but I am kind of a loner and just hang out with my boyfriend everyday.

And lastly, she mentioned I had three very close knit spirit guides, all female, dressed in togas. she mentioned also that they were very chatty and would chuckle at what they said. Is there any information on why 3 females and why dressed in togas?

Thank you and I'm sorry about the length of this message, I meant for it to be shorter, I just wanted to get everything.

Thank you again,


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