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Re: Seeing a medium
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 6 March 2014
In Response To: Seeing a medium (Robyn)

Hello Robyn

This is a most unusual question, which you may ask why I say this. The reply to your question is simple. The answer is not for me to say yes or no to you. If you want to go to see a medium, or psychic, it is matter of personal choice; there is no hard or fast rule, it is just a matter of personal choice.

Please remember, we live this life to gain understanding and knowledge. No other person lives your life for you! We all have to take personal responsibility for your own deeds and actions. If you do not look, you most certainly will not find. It is a matter of preference, and that hinges upon your personal disposition.

You point out cost. Sadly, almost everything in this life costs whether time, energy or money. Perhaps I am different; for these questions and answers I do not ask for monetary reward, this may sound strange, but it is true. Nonetheless, if you seek guidance from either a medium or psychic, most certainly it will cost you something... The medium/psychic charges a fee, perhaps not for the gift they possess, more for their time, something, we all have an allotted amount of.

You also mention about being freaked out, one would imagine not! If you receive a spiritual message from a gifted individual, they will only provide information appertaining to helping and supporting you as you travel along your pathway of life...

In Light and Knowledge


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