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my spirituality has gone.
By:Margaret B <pebble88@rocketmail.com>
Date: 20 February 2014

Hi Stephen, i have been bed bound in one room for 6 years, i have had two major ops that have not worked, i have no support or anything. I used to be a very spiritual person, i'm in my 40's and feel i have no spirit guides as all i do is lay in bed as i'm in agony. I really need a miracle to get me back to being able to get outside again. I doubt my guides have anything to do with me as how can they help me if i'm not leading a life. I'm crying because 6 yrs of nothing is so soul destroying. I can't go to any healing circles as i can't go out. How long will all this go on. Thanks for taking time to read my message and i'm in the uk.

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