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Re: Spirit and spirit world: things disappear in my house
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 23 February 2014

Dear Tracey

Thank you for your question. First of all, may I say how sorry I am to hear of your sad loss of loved ones over the last few years.

The question you ask though is not uncommon. The situation could be one of two things: either a physical or material nature. However, if it is spiritual, it is something that is not unusual, and is more frequent than you may imagine. Perhaps the situation is happening to make you aware of your loved-ones, who now reside in light, and are supporting you from that small distance away in the next world. I would suggest you embrace the situation, and possibly let them know you are aware they are around and about you. In the present day, unfortunately, owing to the growing culture of the ghost, and ghoul’s fraternity, many people think this form of spiritual phenomena is something to be concerned about, rather than one to embrace with joy and understanding.

My advice would be to look at the two scenarios, but if your loved-ones from light are with you, things will all settle and you won’t loose anything. If you do loose an item, then place the blame with yourself. Why? Simple, there has to be logic, because that is the nature of the movement of life both here and when we enter the realms of eternal light and peace.

Though I believe this is not the case, I have added in conclusion, the only other thing that may be, and that is an ‘Apport’. There is confusion about the subject. In very simple terms, ‘Apport’ is when a physical object moves from one place to another. Some believe the ‘object’ is from the ‘Spirit World’; it is not! An object moved is material by composition, and is transferred through energy, by spiritual means. The subject is often referred to as ‘Physical Mediumship’. There are a few genuine practitioners in the world. Sadly over the years unscrupulous individuals have exploited this form of mediumship, added to the stigma of Victorian and Edwardian fakes. ‘Physical Mediumship’ nowadays is often only seen within the confides of closed groups.

Finally, if you have a spirit as you call it, be assured there is nothing to worry about. You will find it only, that your attention has been drawn to energy from the great ‘World of Light and Peace’.

Kindest thoughts of light and realisation


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