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By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 21 January 2014
In Response To: Personal (Souraj)


There is a lot spoken about the subject you mention, sadly some knowledgeable with much of the rest simply silly, nonsense, and twaddle.

Personally I do not call our guiding lights ‘Guardian Angels’, as it always seems a strange aphorism, which conjures up mental pictures of people with wings attached to their shoulders so they gain movement through flight. This I believe is an obstacle where pictures from the period of ‘European Renaissance’ between the 14th and 17th centuries, restricts our knowledge of spirituality. Often angelic scenes from truly great and gifted artists give a visual perspective, often depicting the need for great bird-like wings propelling spiritual entities from one point to another. The reality is so different. The highly evolved spiritual souls you describe as ‘Guardian Angels’ are able to move beyond our limited understanding, by simply the use of the ‘Mind’... I rather prefer the terminology of ‘Spiritual Companions’ often called ‘Guides’. One should realise those we are talking about of are highly attuned spiritual people, who are free from the limitations of the world of earth that we reside in, at this point in time. Unfortunately, many of my spiritual contemporaries depict our ‘Companions of Light’ as if they were in a ‘fancy dress parade’ rather than grasp reality and recognise their importance in the inter-connection of the ‘Two Great Worlds of Light and Earth’.

You mention that you are not really special! This is wrong, everyone of the family of humanity is important, often though the measurement is material. Oh if only it were spiritual, then we would all realise our immense potential. So yes, of course you will have ‘Spiritual Companions’, this doesn’t mean you have to be a spiritual medium. Think of all the others in this world who are inspired, supported and motivated, from Surgeons to Politicians and Kings to Road Sweepers – we are all as equally important, as everyone else, all of us playing our individual parts, within the collective of the whole.

Finally, do I know who your ‘Guardian Angel’ is: unfortunately no. I suggest you accept those forces beyond this world, which through the portal of light, will always encourage you. The purpose of this ‘Question and Answer’ post is to get people to open up their own spirituality. So, if you are interested in getting specific names, go to a ‘Spiritual Centre’ and learn to open up your inner-self, your own ‘Companions of Light’ will help you...

Showers of Light and Peace


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