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Re: Spirit babies
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 13 December 2013
In Response To: Spirit babies (Mel)


Thank you for a very sad question; with the sensitivity involved, it is one that has taken a lot of time to ponder and deliberate upon.

The situation is one which invokes a lot of thought, and of course many people would easily come to one conclusion or another. There are many people who would pontificate on an answer, and seek the moral high-ground for a reply. Indeed, some would point to morality, principles or ethics and what one should, or should not, have done in the situation you describe. I will not take that point of view. More over, I believe we should look at how we all move through the trials and tribulations whilst on the pathway of this life. Every one of us has to face life’s changing issues, and upon these make decisions, of which some appear to work and others as you are aware do not...

Like anyone else, I can only look from a distance and presume what may have been the scenario you were in. It is not my business, nor am I aware of the facts or factors appertaining to your decision. As a result, perhaps it is better to look at your predicament and sadness, which must be within your heart, and the difficulties you are trying to come to terms with. First though, let us look at a pertinent matter about the situation and first try to look at life from a wider perspective. Everything is for a reason; although this is not an escape from personal responsibilities, there is a greater picture which unfolds in the continual movement of life. As such, the purpose of life evolves like a spinning wheel through the mists of time. So taking the point that all is for a reason, accepting that life is a continuum, one starts to grasp the reasoning which holds the foundation of our eternal existence. Yes, we do move from eternity into this world and return back again. For some people, it is the briefest movement of time, a split-second or less, yet for others it could be many, many years. With physical life, it starts at the point of conception, and continues through the physical body in this world, up until and after what we understand to be our physical death. There is a continuity, which moves like the tides of time, so we are able to reach our fulfilment having had even the briefest of existences in this world of earth and matter.

In this world, we are restricted by many things: matter, time, and our earth-bound limitations. But once the shackles of earth are removed, even for young babies, one is able to look at life not from a singular perspective but more from a multi-dimensional standpoint. In simple terms, we understand more, as we love more, and appreciate life in a full sense. All children in the ‘World of Light’ are nurtured and supported within the great light of supreme love, affection and care. For that reason, the children you mention have moved away from the narrowness of this life and understand, grow and of course, will always be a part of you. The only problem for you is to gain understanding of the situation you were in when you made the decisions you made. For this, I am afraid to say, you will have to get your own answers, and you will find them within your heart. Of course the children you mention are beyond this world. All the same, the bond between mother and child is the foundation for the future, something to build upon and develop, through love and understanding.

On a final point, I give reference to the words ‘will they come back’. With so few words, I am not sure exactly what you mean. If you imply that a child will return back to this life, like reincarnation, I would say within your earthly life-span – no! If you are implying at some point in a future conjecture of time – perhaps - though it will need to be alined to a defined and logical point. Even though we have to ‘balance the scales’ of our deeds, there is always an opportunity to move forward. I have mentioned we all make decisions based on what is relative to our lives whilst at a certain point in the process of life. If we make a mistake, we are able, through good actions and deeds, to make right any wrongs, as we move forward through the widening movement of life.

Peace and Blessings


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