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Re: Forgiving
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 October 2013
In Response To: Forgiving (Shawndee)

Hello Shawn

Many thanks for your sad, poignant question.

I get a range of questions, some of which stand out because the essence of the problem is reflective of a need to grasp spiritual understanding, and the division between the concept of the physical and spiritual (etheric) bodies. There is often a lot of confusion, perhaps this will always be the case, though simplicity is the key to grasping spiritual understanding and awareness. This life takes us through many experiences, some good, some not so good. Nonetheless, all of the experiences of this physical existence are part of a greater appreciation of all things. We enter this world to gain understanding, experience and to develop our personalities, all through the rigours of life.

Unfortunately, this body we are temporary residents of is not by nature something that will last beyond a certain point. Rather, the physical body is intended to have its own imperfections; as such, we work out our shortcomings upon the ‘Potter’s Wheel of Life’. The “Physical Body” holds only a key to gaining comprehension and understanding of life, through the movement of time. Inevitably, our body starts to fail, generally, though not in every case, through the aging of time. However, once we are released from this world, the physical returns to the earth, and the spiritual body moves forward into light and tranquility, reaching out to its divine heritage. Once we leave this world of ‘matter’, the problems of our ‘physical’ are left behind, and the spiritual takes over. We are released from pain, sorrow, and suffering and the earthly body’s imperfections are no longer with us. The conclusion is simple: Once we move from this world, all of our physical failing and illnesses are gone, left with the worn out physical body, which returns to earth. Of course, we still have the faculty of our ‘memory’. As such, this process is where a ‘message from a loved-one, to a spiritual medium’ provides information about an ailment or illness a person has had, in this life. The message is communicated through the faculty of our ‘Memory’, all part of spiritual capacity we hold. Accordingly, it doesn’t matter whether we have bi-polar, aching-bones, or heart-disease, they are things of the past. Loved ones who are now in light see, feel and sense more than we do, they are attuned to higher levels of consciousness; as such, their enlightenment, takes them above earthly restrictions.

I wish you well. Reach out and the simplicity of spiritual verity will help you gain greater understanding of the interaction of the “Two Great Worlds”.

With Showers of Peace and Light


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