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Re: My beloved late husband and soul mate gerry
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 3 October 2013

Dear Caroline

Thank you for your question. First of all, I would like to say how sorry I am to hear of your sad and tragic loss. You mention medical negligence; to this point, I am afraid this doesn’t fall within the remit of my answer; in simple terms, this is beyond my understanding and expertise. Nevertheless, the essence of your question revolves around loss, grief, sorrow and doubt.

Every day, I interact with people who are going through the process of grief. There is no single way to take away the pain. Some say, time heals; it does, though there is always the remnants of your grief. Why, one might ask? Simply because we still miss the physical contact. Others refer to the next dimension as if its existence should immediately take away grief - for some it does and other it doesn’t. Sadly, we are in this world for a period of what we understand as time, and held within the restrictions of matter and the physical restraints that surround and embrace our earthly mantle. All of humanity has a period in this world, measured like ‘grains of sand’; our journey is complete when we all move onto the next journey, in the realms of eternity. Like you, our loved ones are left behind, for what may appear to some as a lifetime of loss. Yet, if we opened our ‘spiritual enlightenment’ and grasped the realisation that our loved ones are only a heartbeat away, we can start the movement of taking our hearts to a fuller appreciation of life. It is easy for anyone to make outlandish statements and presumptions about a person’s inner emotions. Often my contemporaries make sweeping assertions, which is not what you want to hear.

What you may desire is a direct message from your loved-one. Unfortunately, the format for my answers is not specific to providing direct messages, it is to help readers to gain spiritual understanding. Another reason is simple: it would be foolish, and foolhardy to relay a message over the channel we are using (the internet). Furthermore, because no one person can possibly be in touch with everyone who has moved into light. What you need is not presumptions, guesses or small amounts of insignificant information. My view is you need to come to terms with your grief and sadness, and this is not an easy thing. I have a ‘blog’ on my website about grief, perhaps this may help you to move forward. Without doubt our loved ones in light want each and every one of us to move forward, until the great day when we meet in the world of peace and harmony. Easy words, one may think, though not in truth not so easy for anyone to grasp and realise. Yet, there is always an opening, a ‘light’, and as such, I would suggest you either go to a spiritual meeting, or read information on spiritual enlightenment, a way of gaining illumination of the soul.

With the words you use, I am a little adverse to try to give you a personal direction. Why you may ask? The answer lies in my blog, “Understanding the Process of Grieving and Loss”. Taking a paragraph “Grief is the multi-faceted response to a loss, particularly to the bereavement of someone, or something, to which, you have built a lasting bond”. What I suggest could help is for you to gain some ‘Counselling’, by a qualified practitioner, a specialist. Look for an individual, or group, of proficient and Certificated ‘Guidance Counsellors’ who can help you to move forward. It is easy for anyone, medium, or not, to tell to do this, or that! But, what I can do is help you to look for the answers that you can make, and then you will free your mind and allow the natural process of ‘Spiritual Intercourse’ to take place. Eventually, you will start to realise that one day we will all meet again beyond the rocks and hardships of matter. For then, we move out into eternity, onto another vast and infinite journey of discovery, enlightenment and fulfilment.

In conclusion, I believe with the rhetoric you used in your question, it inappropriate to make sweeping assumptions on how you feel, and what you should do. I would suggest that if you wish to gain understanding of the interaction of spiritual matters, please look at my previous answer, or alternatively read through the many different aspects of spirituality on spiritualistresources.com where there is a wealth of knowledge for us all to grasp.

I wish you well in your movement forward within this life.

Showers of Blessing and Peace


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