Medium Stephen Wakeling Answers Your Questions

*Please read before asking your question*

Hi! I am Spiritual Medium Stephen Wakeling; I interact with spiritually attuned people who have moved from the earth to the World of Light and Peace. You are welcome to ask questions about spiritual communications, spiritual unfoldment, mediumship, energy fields and auras, life after death, animal spirits, etc.

Please note that I do NOT give personal readings in this column.

  • If you need to know about a loved one who passed away, I suggest you see a medium for a personal reading (at a spiritualist church for example).
  • If your question is about your life/career/relationships, I suggest that you see a psychic (if you ask about your personal love life, if you’ll win some money, or 'what is my soul-mate's name’, I am not able to answer because I am not a psychic).
  • And I do not get involved in the ‘Paranormal’ because I don’t see ghosts, apparitions or strange phenomena and I don't hear 'things that go boom in the night'. I work with Light, not with fear.

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