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By:Amie <amieskyway@aol.com>
Date: 12 December 2017

My father passed away last Thursday from complications from something that usually does not cause death and had been in great health prior to this sudden condition that his body could just not handle.

Fortunately I was able to travel to where he was and be with him in the hospital with the rest of our immediate family for his final days. When the time came to start comfort care (per his wishes) I was by his side as he drew his last breath and was holding on to his hand the entire time.

He was my rock and while I had/have a fantastic relationship with both my parents (who were still together) was most definitely my dads favorite while my mom's favorite is my sister.

About two years ago my dad flew half-way across the country to help me install a floating wood floor in my house. It was installed in the dining room where this incident took place.

I traveled home three days after he passed (memorial will be in a little over a month which I will travel back for) and took the next day off work to re-group.

I was sitting at my dining room table alone in the house and hear noises coming from near the window. It kept happening and I got up a minute later as it was persisting. I thought it was coming from the air intake vent below the window but soon figured it was coming from the doorbell box.

I went to the door and no-one was there. I opened the door and checked that the button was not stuck and it was not.

I decided to film it, which is what is attached. Again I go to the door, push the bell (and yes, my doorbell plays "I've been working on the railroad"...it was like that when I moved in), my dog barks and I go check the box again and it's still buzzing and popping.

It really freaked me out. It's never done that and I've lived in my house for the past three years.
After a while I decided I wanted to leave and get some fresh air. I did a few errands and when I got back about an hour later it had stopped.

I've done some searches on the internet but can't find anything like this connected with EVP's.

I'm not religious at all so I'm not so sure how much I believe about these sorts of things but wanted to know if anyone else has ever had an experience like this. Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks, Amie