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Physical circle and direct voice
By:David Rogers <Silverbeam58@gmail.com>
Date: 11 January 2017

I was devastated when mum died and decided I wanted to move but no opportunities came at that time to move house. The house felt empty and I couldn’t settle for a while and found it difficult to sleep. I would constantly wonder were mum might be in spirit world. I would often get up in the middle of the night to make a drink, and one night while standing near the sink I saw a plant that had started to sway, thinking it might be mum. I called out and waited a few minutes and could feel mum's presence; all of a sudden the kitchen chair started to rock backwards and forwards and then moved across the floor and at the same time the broom standing in the corner shot across the kitchen. I froze for a second but then told myself it was mum and no need to worry. My friends were a great help and support especially Graham a medium that I and a group of friends would visit almost everyday.

One of our friends named Steve became very ill and within weeks had passed away. I remember one night going to bed and in the middle of the night I was woken to find Steve standing at the bottom of the bed, (this was happening not long after he passed) he was glowing white and just stood looking at me. I lay in amazement observing Steve, he smiled to me and I waved to him, he then started to lift from the floor and to move through the wall, I watched as he eventually began to disappear while turning his head towards me and taking one last look and then was gone.

The experiences of seeing materialized spirits has always been the highlight of my psychic experiences that in the early days most seem to take place in my bedroom. I remember another strange experience that began in the bedroom. While lying in bed with my thoughts as always thinking about spirit world and its location when I notice a strange light began to manifest itself from the left side of my head and felt it was actually coming from my left eye causing a strange sensation and feeling; while at the same time the bedroom on the left-hand side would completely disappear.

The light would propel itself through the air to the bottom of the bed while at the same time another light would start the same procedure and join together and start to form a mass of color. The light would then start to spread itself all over the wall resulting in the whole bedroom bathed in this beautifully color. This experience continued for quite a few weeks. The color appeared as normal, but instead of spreading it remained suspended in the air and began to become dense. I watched as a figure began to appear but then the color turned to a brilliant gold and there stood a man in a long robe; he stretched out his hands towards me and turned his head to his right and a massive gold pillar of light appeared and the spirit form started to talk to the gold light, but I couldn’t see anyone in the pillar of light. The gold spirit form rose from the floor and floated in the air and again stretched out his hands towards me and disappeared through the wall. This experience made me think of the Rita Goold experience and the similar pattern.

Two years after mum had died, I eventually moved into a new house across the street from my sister and just up the road from Graham the medium, while at the same time I started to attend a spiritualist church every week at the open circle. It was here I meet Joan Bradbury. We began talking and I mentioned I was going to start a physical home circle. I invited Joan and her friend to come along if they might be interested. Soon the number of people attending the circle rose to fourteen. We would sit every week for a year before any phenomena happened. We sat in complete darkness because we were told light was detrimental to ectoplasm.

On one of these nights, a circle member Marie couldn’t attend due to illness from cancer. We sat with the chairs to the edge of the wall all the way round the room; in the middle of the room lay a cone trumpet on a table. After about half an hour we all saw a dark figure appeared out of no where and slowly walk across the room to Marie’s empty chair and sat itself down for the remaining next half hour. Well, as you can image the group couldn’t believe their eyes at first, and to top the night the trumpet started to slightly wobble but never did rise in the air. Although, as mentioned, we sat in total darkness after a while our eyes slightly adjusted to the darkness allowing us to see each others outline but never completely making out our features. The spirit figure that appeared seemed darker, more so than the darkness we were sitting in and I think it was this that allowed it to be seen against the darkness of the room (if that makes sense).

Because of different domestic reasons affecting sitters, the circle eventually dwindled down to just Joan, Pam and my self and we decided that we would simply meet up to do general psychic development. Although this next description isn’t a materialisation experience thought I would include it out of interest. My new house had three bedrooms and I used the one at the back overlooking the garden and Coventry’s ancient wall about seventy five meters away that used to surround the city

Trumpet voice involves the use of a normally home made cone device from cardboard, tin or aluminium (picture below) and is levitated by spirit and hovers in front of the person they wish to talk too. Direct voice is the method where spirit produce a voice box from a substance called ectoplasm and their voice is heard in mid air. Direct voice is much more clearer.

It was a Friday night and our normal get together. Joan and Pam had not long left; I tidied up and then went to bed. I had been in bed for about ten minutes and trying to get to sleep, when I heard a sound that seemed it was emanating from the very far corner of the room and up near the ceiling. As I laid and listen I started to hear distorted voices, after a few minutes I interrupted and said hello and to my surprise one of the voices responded and by now was talking very clear. In a London cockney accent this disembodied voice began by saying “he’s coming over here you know” I responded “who” the spirit voice replied back “Frank Sinatra, he’s coming over here on the Concord” (the British plane). The voices once again began to sound distorted and eventually faded away.

Well as you can imagine I was totally blown away by this experience; it certainly did help towards the realization that spirit do indeed exist. I told my sister Janet (who lived just across the road to my house) about the experience as she would understand because of having many of her own psychic encounters. I told Janet that perhaps Frank Sinatra was going to pass over to spirit world while on the Concord. A few days later there was a knock on the door and there stood Janet with a news paper in her hand. We went inside and sat down, Janet opened the paper and showed me an article saying I had to read it. “Frank Sinatra is flying over to Briton on his favorite plane the Concord next week to perform at a venue, Sinatra likes to use the Concord when ever he can”, stated the article. Well there you have Janet said, he’s coming over here and that’s what your voices must have meant, and I totally agreed. Why spirit should tell of that event and not something more personal, I don’t know. But it wasn’t to be my last experience where by spirit can talk to you without the aid of a trumpet this other method being known as “Direct Voice”. To be honest I was a little annoyed with spirit because of producing their voice when I was on my own, I feel they should have manifested their voice when Joan and Pam where present, after all we purposely sat for that very experience in the physical circle.

As the months went by, it was to be only Joan and I that would sit every week for psychic development. I started to go into trance and spirit would impart all sorts of information to Joan that would eventually lead us on many quests across the country. Eventually we found two new friends from the spiritualist church Chris and Linda who joined in our little sittings and the quests. On one occasion we were lead through trance to look for a truth of the Holy Grail that led us to Dorset. Spirit gave all sorts of signs to look for which we found. But then that’s another story.