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Spirit voices through Spiricom device
By:David Rogers <silverbeam58@gmail.com>
Date: 3 January 2017

It wasn't long before I moved again. Over a period of 30 years, I moved 22 times. I'm sure its because of the gypsy blood in me, my grandmother was a Romany Gypsy on my mum's side and I have always thought that perhaps I experience these profound psychic experiences because of my gypsy ancestry, and as most people know the Romany Gypsies are known for their psychic abilities.

The next flat I moved into was right in the middle of town surrounded by all the shops, and of course it was fantastic for shopping. This new flat soon became like Clappum Junction, so many friends would often visit. Joan would still pop round every week and we started experimenting with EVP (Electric Voice Phenomena) the phenomena of recording spirit voices.

Almost from the start we received some very good spirit contacts with this method of communication which gives other people the chance to experience for themselves the reality of spirit contact. Joan and I were introduced to a psychic researcher Gordon Perkins by Jane a medium friend of ours. Gordon learned about our EVP experiments and soon joined in. A few months later by pure chance Gorgon learned of another psychic researcher in the USA George Meek who was working with a medium. Mr. Meek was in close contact with a physical medium called Bill O'Neil.

Bill's spirit friends instructed him to build a device called a spiricom that would allow for real time two-way spirit communication. Bill O'Neil did as instructed and it wasn't long before contact was made with a spirit by the name of Dr Muller. Many hours of contact were recorded with Dr Muller. George Meek was very wealthy and owned a large business; he paid to have a book published that was mass produced detailing information on how to build the spiricom. He freely gave away the books to anyone who wished to experiment using the spiricom device. It was one of these books that was sent to Gordon and who suggested he build one for me to experiment with, to which I agreed. Below a link George Meeks recorded spiricom voices at- http://www.worlditc.org

When the spiricom was finely built we experimented with it for weeks but didn't make any contact with spirit. In the end I gave up and put the device in the wardrobe and eventually forgot all about. About a year had past while Joan and I were still receiving EVP spirit voices on a regular bases.

After a night of experimenting with EVP and listening back to the voices it became quite late and we decided to pack up for the night. I tided up my flat and went to bed. I must have been in bed for about an hour while still trying to sleep; I turned onto my side closing my eyes feeling frustrated. All of a sudden I had the strongest impression to sit up and look at the end of the bed. Knowing by now to heed such psychic impulses, I immediately sat up and there at the end of the bed stood a figure. At first I had a terrible job making out any features but slowly and gradually the features started to form. Within minutes I could see plainly enough to notice that it was Bill O'Neil (from pictures I had seen of him). Bill started to infringe upon my mind the suggestion to get the spiricom and set it up and that he would try to communicate with me through the device.

I did as instructed and waited. The spiricom makes a dreadful noise called white noise while at the same time a single tone of the human voice that I was sending over the white noise was to be used to produce the spirit voice. It only took minutes and I started to hear a low voice but could just make out the words. David can you hear me, can you hear me... Bill's voice was now becoming stronger. I replied my God yes, I can hear you Bill, this is fantastic Good. David, I want you to try and get a diode resister and another circuit board; there's room for much improvement, did you get that David? Yes Bill, I understood that, and then the link started to disintegrate. Bill's voice became totally distorted and once again all I could hear was the white noise. I looked straight at the end of the bed, Bill was still standing there and I apologized for loosing contact. I waited to see if Bill would link to me again but he started to fade and disappeared.

When I told Joan and Jane about the Bill O'Neil experience, we decided to try and make contact when we were all together. Unfortunately we never made contact with Bill again. About two months later while still experimenting with the spiricom I made contact with a spirit called Seth. Luckily I borrowed a friend's tape recorder and managed to record Seth's voice (which I still have). The link was very poor although I could just make out Seth's voice but couldn't understand what he was saying. I managed to decipher Seth's name as well as some other words using a software programme called Cool Edit which allowed me to filter the recording, but on the whole the recorded frequencies are difficult to understand even using the filter system.

About another month had passed and Jane suggested that we simply have a go with the spiricom again just to see what happens. Jane arrived at my flat with her daughter Alison and we set up the spiricom. I had to maneuver the connecting wires on the device to achieve some sort of contact with the spirit entities. After about ten minutes of trying we started to hear a voice; I knew immediately by the tone that it was Seth. I introduced Seth to Jane and her daughter and Seth responded with hello Jane can you hear my voice? Jane called out with surprise that she could hear Seth. I could feel the excitement in the air as we continued our conversation with Seth. How are you David? Seth asked and I replied, Seth this is great, we can hear you quite clear.

I suggested an experiment to Seth; he listened while I explained, Seth can you ring Jane's phone tonight at 12 mid-night when she returns home in a short while? As I turned to Jane, she nodded in agreement. What is the number Jane? Seth asked. At this point Jane offered her tel No 02476223445 Seth (not real number). Seth then repeated the number 02476!!!!!!! Is that correct Jane? I will try to ring your phone later. At this point we started to loose contact with Seth and the link was broken.

We were still trying to take it all in, not quite believing what we had just experienced. The time was now 11pm and Jane left for home. I wasn't on the phone so would have to ring Jane the next day from a phone box to find out if Seth managed it or not. I just couldn't wait to ring Jane and was on the phone to her about 10am the next morning. David, it happened at 12 mid-night, I was half expecting to hear Seth's voice but instead it was my son on the phone from up North. Jane's son went to explain that he was laying in bed just after finishing work (hes a chef) and had this overwhelming urge to ring his mum but didn't know why, and just to be on the safe side decided to heed the urge. It was then that we realised that Seth had used Jane's son to make the phone call which happened to be exactly on 12 mid-night.

Just to mention here that I have never heard a voice from any of the spirit materialisations; the communication has always been by infringing my mind with information and learning to trust it. I did ask why and was told it took all the necessary energy to produce the materialisation on its own and that I haven't got the full energy to produce both form and voice because that would take a group of people to achieve both. When I look back, I see now why they choose to appear instead of just manifesting their voice, it is because witnessing their materialisations had more of an impact on the person's mind. Well, it certainly did with me.

Below: picture of the spiricom we used which is the pyramid shaped device.