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Day/night time of materialisation of Sikh spirit
By:David Rogers <silverbeam58@gmail.com>
Date: 28 December 2016

On some occasions when we sat for clairvoyance I would often see in my minds eye (clairvoyance) a spirit person whom when alive would have belong to the Sikh religion; I deduced this from the very large pink turban that he wore with a light tan raincoat. The Sikh would always appear with a large smile showing a full set of white teeth, and then would leave as quickly as he came. The Sikh would often appear frequently clairvoyantly over the years and I would often say to Joan why does he keep appearing but doesn't say nothing.

Often after the vision of the Sikh spirit I was sure to witness phenomena after he left, sometimes almost immediately and at other times days or weeks later. It was on such occasion after our Sikh friend had left that I went to visit one of my friends who lived in the same block of flats. I was at my friends for a few hours and we then both left to go down to my flat, when I turned the corner to enter the kitchen I really couldn't quite believe my eyes. Resting at the very edge of my worktop were my three saucepans one on top of the other with the handles sticking outwards all in a perfect line. I then noticed a kitchen cupboard door slightly opened; I investigated to find that my Iron had been pushed between the dinner plates. Why they should do such things Lord knows and concluded as long he doesn't break anything I would take it all in my stride.

The next two experiences of the Sikh spirit were very revealing. I remember the day being Sunday I was reading a book on psychic phenomena and received an over whelming need to go to the ruins of Coventry Cathedral. I lived in the town centre and the Cathedral was about a 4 or 5 minute walk. If I looked out of my living-room window I could see the old Cathedral spire. The old part of the cathedral are the remains from the time when it was bombed in World War Two. I decided to listen to the feeling and left for the Cathedral taking my book along with me. As you enter the Cathedral through the large main arch under the spire you find opposite is a long stoned path down the middle of the Cathedral ruins with benches either side to sit down (as shown in picture taken today 28/12/2016); this path led to what used to be the main altar.

I found a seat and sat down on first bench I opened my book and continued from the same page. There were lots of people entering the old Cathedral many of them American tourists. Every now and then I would glance up just to see the activity; I looked back down to my book but noticed out of the corner of my eye a figure that seemed to be aiming their walk in a line that would lead them to the right hand side of the bench that I was sitting on. My immediate thoughts were how strange why are they walking in a straight line up to my seat when they have the stone path to use. I decided to have a quick look; I turned my head to notice a man with a very large pink turban in a tan coat and smiling with a grin that reached from cheek to cheek with shining white teeth.

Immediately I recognized him from my visions as the Sikh spirit. At that moment I seem to freeze inside and became slightly rigid. He continued to make his way right up to the side of my seat, as I looked up to his face the Sikh spirit looked down. He stood still and beamed a big smile to me. I wanted to say something but my tongue felt glued to the roof of my mouth. His eyes were gentle but intense as if he were looking right into my soul. I politely smiled back and then the Sikh started to walk behind me. I managed to turn my head to keep fixed on him; at that moment my book started to slip off my lap. I looked down to grab the book and then looked back to the Sikh spirit. Within that few seconds it took to look down and then back up the Sikh had vanished. There was no where he could have gone so quickly, the other entrance out of the building was near the church altar and too far away.

The rigid feeling had left me; I got up to try and locate him but knew deep down inside that he had simply disappeared. I waited a while longer just in case the Sikh reappeared but nothing. I decided it was best to leave and made my way back home. I told Joan what had taken place and the first thing Joan asked well did you speak to him. The Sikh experience left a spiritual mark on my mind for months while at the same time the physical phenomena continued. Large ornaments would move and turn, the most frequent was a crystal pyramid I kept on top of the TV cabinet. Every time I arrived home the pyramid was turned sideways, I would straighten it out, and within minutes the pyramid had been turned again. Circumstances had changed and I decided once again to move but this time it was a house I had bought. The house hadn't been touched since the 1900's and still had the old gas light fittings in the bedrooms.

I slowly improved the house while we still kept to our psychic and EVP meetings. Dr Tony Lawrence, a parapsychologist from Coventry University, joined in with our psychic experiences involving EVP; although he never witnessed very much, he did on one occasion witness independent voice. We were sat in the kitchen with a very large glass dome in the centre of the table with a crystal underneath it that I purchased from the Scholl Group in Norfolk. Joan began to whistle the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, while the rest of us continued to quietly talk amongst ourselves. We then started to hear a mans voice at the very back of Dr Lawrence as if in mid-air. To ours surprise the voice started to whistle in tune with Joan and now we could hear both Joan and an invisible spirit voice whistling the song in harmony together. After it stopped the surprise on Dr Lawrence's face said it all. Work started to take its toll and I lapsed from holding our meetings for a short while.

As I continued work I noticed my health was suffering and eventually was diagnosed with arthritis of the spine which is slowly grumbling and Fibromyalgia (disease of the immune system and nerves causing overall muscle pain). Eventually I had to pack up work and sell my house but not before my next materialisation experience. I had gotten into the habit of loaning DVDs from a shop in the next street. On this occasion I realized that I was on the last day of the loan of the DVD and rushed to get it back to the shop because it was near closing time (9pm), it was Winter time and dark so I wrapped up well.

Satisfied that I had delivered the DVD in time I started to walk back home. I was mulling over in my mind what to have to eat when I got back in and noticed in the distance, in the dim light of the street, a man coming in the opposite direction; he was right in line of my walk so I moved slightly to the right and noticed he had done the same; bloody strange, I thought, what's going on here. As I continued to adjust my line of walk the man would do the same. I was starting to become annoyed and then noticed the man was now very close to me. As he walked under the street light I could plainly see that he was a Sikh, and yes wearing a large pink turban and tan raincoat. It can't be, it just can't be, I remember thinking to myself. The Sikh walked right up to me and as he stood, he beamed a big smile towards me. My head started to feel fuzzy and felt like I was in a daze, I tried to talk but couldn't. I was becoming frustrated at not being able to speak to him. The Sikh stood for what seemed like seconds and then walked past my right hand side and continued down the street. By this time my head felt like it was spinning but within seconds I managed to turn and couldn't see the Sikh anywhere in sight. I stood for ages looking down the street and noticed the dazed feeling was started to lift. I went straight home and made a cup of tea to try to settle myself down.

After that last materialization experience of the Sikh spirit, I was never to see him again, not even through clairvoyance and the phenomena started to die down, although I still do get the occasional phenomena happen present day but not to the degree like before.