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Being used as a psychic battery
Date: 26 December 2016

Some 10 years ago, I was attending a trance evening with well-known medium Eileen Davies (http://www.eileendavies.co.uk/). The audience was about 30-40 people. About one minute after Eileen started getting into a trance, I fell deeply asleep. And I woke up, slumped in my chair, just after Eileen ended her trance, having missed the whole seance. I felt quite embarrassed, mostly that I was sitting in the first row for everybody to see. We all went for coffee in the social room after the seance and I told Sheila, one of my mentors, about my embarrassment. Sheila told me that what had just happened to me was perfectly OK: I had simply been used by Spirit as a battery to send energy to Eileen's trance phenomenon happening a few feet from me.

Anybody can relate to this type of experience?