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strange knife and orb
By:David Rogers <silverbeam58@gmail.com>
Date: 18 December 2016

The strange knife and orb

Our Medium friend Rita and psychic researcher colleague Clive received strange messages through spirit automatic writing giving instruction's to locate a knife in a country field before it could be retrieved by the people who had put it during some sort of ritual for use of whatever purposes. Further instructions were relayed to its location and retrieval so the knife could be found and clensed

As you can see from the second picture an orb appears as the found knife is laid on the carpet for a photo shot.

In the photo is Clive awkwardly holding Rita's (he was thinking the cat wanted to smell the knife because it had a curious nature) and myself holding the knife and a distinctive orb appears and curves to the left in the photo. Out of interest the high wicca chair behind me in the corner of the room was one time dematerialized with the cat sitting on it through a wall when Rita was holding a materialisation sťance.