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Blue orb caught in village graveyard and stone circle
By:David Rogers <silverbeam58@gmail.com>
Date: 15 December 2016

Some years ago I was involved with EVP experiments with a group of psychic researchers. On one occasion we arranged to pay a late night visit to a village graveyard in Brinklow in the West Midlands not far from Coventry where I live to conduct an EVP experiment. We arrived around 11pm making our way over fields so as not to disturb the villager's. At this point just to explain as it involves the graveyard experience; I see spirit lights very day ranging from blue, green and pink. One researcher set up his equipment and started to record while we causally walked round the graves, the other researcher was taking photos with flashlight . After a while I started to see the spirit lights and would verbally announce this when any lights appeared. Amanda who was the one taking pictures asked next time I saw a light to point out where and she would try to take a photo of it. A blue light appeared over a tombstone I pointed out its location, Amanda took her photo; looked at her screen anouncing with exciting she had caught the light. As you can see from the photo the blue light is hovering near the tombstone. There are other colored lights as well but I didn't see these.

The second picture was taken at the Rollright Stones in the Cotswolds UK. The picture was taken by a UFO/psychic researcher Clive Potter. The lady standing with me Jane in the stone circle is a church circuit medium. I started to feel a strange energy above us and felt pulled to look up into the black night sky. At that precise moment Clive took a photo with a ordinary roll of film. When he had it processed the result can clearly be seen, many small colored lights seem to be falling over Jane and myself at the same time I look up into the night. Clive had the film checked by Kodak and they informed him the lights were not due to any fault with the film/negative.

David Rogers Coventry UK