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A Big Orb Around Little Girl
Date: 14 December 2016

Little Girl was - and still is, from the Spirit World - a very spiritual being, and a healer. Anybody who spent more than 30 seconds with her knew that she was an extraordinary cat. It is not surprising that orbs would appear near her. I did not take the time to ask the orb of the next pictures who she/he was, but I suspect that it was the orb of White Paws, a kitten that Little Girl had adopted and who had passed away 2 years earlier.

The pictures below were taken 2 months before Little Girl's passing to Spirit in the Spring of 2015. I would assume that like old women, old female cats would attract spirits (but that's just my theory). I had just purchased a new camera and was practicing using the various features including the flash. I was sitting on a sofa in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror. So, I was just playing with the flash of the camera and checking the results after each click when I saw on the last photo a very large and clear orb above the head of Little Girl who was laying down - as always - on my lap. The 4 photos were taken at 5:44am, 5:45am, 5:46am and 6:19am. Note: Although the mirror might look dirty, I can assure you that it was clean but it was stained (it was a 32 year old mirror who had "raised" 2 families).

At 5:44am, first photo showing the orb directly above her head, not aligned with the flash:

At 5:45am, Little Girl moved a little; the orb is now almost aligned with the flash:

At 5:46am, Little Girl moved to the left of the photo, lowering her head because she was starting to feel sleepy, but the orb stayed at the same place:

At 6:19am, Little Girl had her head down (you can see her shoulders at the bottom of the picture) and was sleeping deep; the big orb had moved above her head and was no longer aligned with the flash: