Self Healing

Pressure Points for Natural Self Healing
Author/Service Provider:Kay W

The application of pressure to various tender points in the body is an ancient Chinese and Japanese practice. Multiple pressure, or trigger, points are said to be connected to vital organs through channels of energy, or chi. You can use application of gentle pressures for different effects, such as shifting the energy of mind-body, through targeting specific areas for self-healing.

Body Tension
Gently applying pressure to the temples with your index finger can reduce tension in the entire body. Use a lotion or peppermint essential oil to rub each temple separately and simultaneously. Peppermint oil is known for its relaxing properties and will allow your entire body to loosen and relax. You can also use a reflexology tool to help tired or weak fingers target the temples.

Facial Tension
Massaging the area near the earlobe can release any pain in the jaw. Use natural essential oil or organic lotion to lubricate the area. Press the target area behind each earlobe with the base of your thumb. Deep facial tissue pressure can release negative toxins in the skin and allow energy to flow through the cranial and facial structures.

Foot Self-Healing
Use an exfoliating foot scrub or lotion and gently move from the tip to the base of your foot. Begin by applying pressure to your toes, using your index finger and thumb to rub the top and bottom of each. Using your thumbs, apply pressure to the ball of your feet, rubbing in a circular motion. Finally, alternate between using your knuckles and your thumbs to gently push on the sole of each foot. These practices will relax each foot and leg, essentially allowing negative energy to be pushed out of your feet and energizing your body.

Self-Healing Care
Self-healing is practical and easy with the correct intention and care. Based on traditional acupuncture philosophy, anyone can use pressure points to relieve or prevent discomfort. For the best effect, always be sure to wash your hands before and after, use relaxing lotions and allow yourself to indulge in energetic releases.

Continue learning about pressure points by researching in the library, attending acupuncture seminars or investigating healing centers in your town. Natural health food stores have lotions, essential oils, herbs and pressure-point reflexology tools to help you with self-care. You can also use this knowledge to help heal friends and family.

The use of pressure points for natural self-healing does not replace a trained professional or doctor. Some of the pain and discomfort remedied by natural self-healing may stem from illnesses. You should always consult with your doctor, acupuncturist or chiropractor to prevent the long-term effects of these conditions and their symptoms. Listen to your body.