Self Healing

Self Healing Methods
Author/Service Provider:Alyson Paige

The human body has innate healing mechanisms. Different self-healing methods draw upon the body's natural inclination to wellness. Self-healing techniques include, but are not limited to, self-massage, visualization and breath therapy.

Use self-healing methods to avoid pharmaceutical treatments or invasive surgical procedures. Apply them to resolve causes rather than symptoms of ailments. When you are able to participate in your wellness, you are empowered. Coordinate your mind and body toward a single goal: healing. Release blocked energy, allowing it to freely flow throughout the mind and body.

While self healing is not dangerous, do not self-diagnose and treat serious conditions.

Self-massage is a simple technique for treating muscle tension and aches. According to the Natural Healing Guide, regular practice of self-massage may prevent illness (see References 1). Ease fatigue by apply a loofah mitt to your skin. Massage beginning with your legs upward to your heart when you wake up to stimulate yourself for the coming day. The Natural Healing Guide explains that massage promotes circulation, which relieves tense muscles and pain. Some self-massage methods relax, while other techniques invigorate. In either case, you will experience a healing sense of well-being.

Visualization is a powerful method for healing. Holistic Online suggests learning to direct your thinking can harness the power to heal. Learn visualization techniques to ease stress and guide your body toward healing. According to Mind Power for Success, as you enter into deep relaxation and visualize your body's ailing areas, you empower your body to heal ailments from simple muscle pain to tumors. Use your powers of visualization to visualize healthy organs and tissues. Maintain the image of health as you return from visualization state.

Breath Work
Breath work incorporates the most basic bodily function to carry healing throughout your body and to release blocked energy, which can cause many illnesses. The Natural Healing Guide teaches how to breathe properly and heal conditions including migraines and insomnia. Practice simple abdominal breathing to introduce ample oxygen throughout your system. As you inhale, extending your abdomen, and exhale as if deflating a balloon, your brain, tissues and organs receive healing and stimulating oxygen.