Self Healing

Healing Yourself - A Guided Self Healing Visualisation (CD)
Author/Service Provider:Libby Clark, Osnu, Csnu (s&d), Ccpcab - Spiritualist Medium, Healer, Teacher & Counsellor

This gentle and healing CD has been created to enable you to promote within yourself a total healing process and create a sense of well being and peace.

To gain the most benefit from this guided self healing visualization, make yourself as comfortable as you can. Allow yourself to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually relax, listen to the positive words and encouragement provided by Libby and the atmospheric music created by Andy.

Follow the sounds, suggestions and visualization and allow yourself to feel the healing power and energy working throughout all of you.

If you have a particular need take the time to concentrate upon it, create within yourself the opportunity for health, strength and stability in mind body and spirit. Be well...