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How to be a Modern Priestess
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No longer is the image of the cloaked, dark, mystical woman a whole and true representation of the priestess. Being a priestess is an experience or a way of being. She comes in many expressions in modern society--as the social worker, doctor, writer, mother. What drives the priestess is her intuition and her ability to choose love at all costs and to speak and live her truth. This way, she can be a glowing, inspiring light for all others.

Follow a spiritual path. This is essential. To be a powerful force in the world, you must look inside and find the spirit within. The priestess knows god.Start with a simple daily practice of your choosing. Try meditation, taking a walk in nature, journaling or yoga. All of these activities are meant to help you find your center and inner truth. If you work a 9-to-5 job, make time for yourself. At your lunch break, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Find things that inspire you in your daily life. Focusing on beauty and inspiration is key and can change your whole perspective.

Take time to pamper and enjoy yourself. Sip a cup of chamomile tea in a quiet space in the afternoon. Get a massage. Take a bubble bath. See a holistic healer. Choose what feels good and do it.Love and care for you first. For instance, if you're too stressed at work, approach your boss and ask for what you need. A true priestess stays in balance and manages stress in a healthy way.

Take care of your body. You body is your temple, so be good to it. Eat nutritious foods and stay away from processed meats, sugars and excess caffeine and alcohol. Of course, follow your own truth on this. Only your body knows what's best for you!When you go shopping for food, take your time. Browse the produce section and see what fruits and vegetables you're drawn to. Do this with the whole store. Listen in, carefully. Following your body's wisdom is one key to being a true priestess.Make sure to get daily exercise, too. If you're working, take frequent breaks to stretch your body. Stretching helps circulation and is relaxing.

Set intentions. Priestesses know that they are powerful creators. Use the power of intention. Every month, set aside some time to write down your goals and intentions. Keep a journal and track what miracles happen in your life.Practice focusing on the positive. Feel all that you do have, and don't focus on what's missing. Shift your perspective.

Ask for what you want and speak your truth. The modern priestess asks for what she wants in relationships. She also speaks her truth in all situations in a balanced way.To do this, keep your emotions balanced. Develop good listening skills and learn to accept and love others' views, without judgment. When you do this, you in turn, accept yourself.Know when to say no. Being gracious does not mean you're a doormat. When something doesn't feel good to you, stop doing it or ask for your space.