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How to Tap Into Your Intuition
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Tapping into your intuition is easy to do and once you become accustomed to checking your own internal guidance system, you'll find that it will help all your relationships.

Set aside time each day. To tap into your intuition, you must find time each day where you can be alone with yourself uninterrupted.

Find a "power spot," a place where you can be comfortable. It can be indoors or out, as long as it's a place free of distractions.

Focus on your breath. This is important to do throughout the day, not just when you are meditating.

Listen for any "gut feelings" or intuitions. Perhaps you'll hear a small voice giving you a message. Don't discount any messages you get. They very likely are from your higher self.

Practice. Learning to tap into (and to trust) your intuition takes practice. You will receive numerous benefits to your body, mind, and spirit. Your relationships also will improve.