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How to Balance the Throat Chakra
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The throat chakra is the fifth major chakra, located at the throat. Having it in balance helps you to live in the present tense and allows for artistic and spoken creativity and talent.

Figure out if your lack of balance stems from having too much focus on the throat chakra or not enough. When there is a deficiency, you feel weak, introverted and unable to stand up or speak for yourself along with possible sexual intimacy issues. With excessive energy here, you are overly talkative and a poor listener with difficulty listening to others. In addition, you may be an overly dominant sexual partner.

Identify the symptoms that may tell you there's an imbalance. Physically, you might have a sore throat, thyroid issues and loss of voice or laryngitis. Emotionally, there could be trouble with addiction, lack of creativity or expression or difficulty making decisions.

Do exercises that utilize and help the throat chakra. Sing, chant or hum to use your throat muscles. Gargle with salt water or take a walk on a clear day and focus on the blue sky.

Drink and eat things that help keep your throat chakra balanced. Use salt or lemongrass as spices. Drink mostly fruit juice, water or herbal tea. Eat foods like plums, blueberries, fish, chicken, celery, pear, potatoes or asparagus when your throat chakra is under-active or red foods like tomatoes and strawberries when you have an over-active throat chakra.

Wear clothing, jewelry or carry gemstones with blue in them when you have a deficiency in this area, such as sapphire, blue topaz or turquoise. Have colors around you or gemstones with red in them such as garnet and ruby.