Self Healing

Methods of Aura Cleansing
Author/Service Provider:Tia Shamoon

Many of our daily activities factor into our stress levels. Anxiety from deadlines, worry from family duties, and the stress from being on the go can drain your energy and leave you feeling miserable. Cleaning your aura can help you balance your energies and relieve the side effects of your negative emotions. A clean aura can improve your physical health by lowering your stress levels. You might also experience a greater sense of well-being and feel more peaceful in stressful situations.

Soak in a hot Epsom salt bath or in the warm sunlight for 20 minutes. Deeply breathe in the warm steam of the bath or the fresh air and allow your body to relax and relieve as much tension as possible.

Find a quiet and peaceful area and sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take in a few deep breaths. Imagine a white light filling up your solar plexus as you inhale. Imagine that all of your negative feelings and emotions leave your body with each exhalation.

Imagine the white light moving up and down inside of your body, allowing your body to be released of all negativity. Feel the energy pass through all of your muscles and organs. Picture your body being filled and glowing from the white light.

Sit quietly for 15 more minutes. Continue with the breathing exercises and imagine your conscious connecting with whichever divine being that you place your faith in.