Self Healing

How to Easily Cleanse Your Aura
Author/Service Provider:Caryn Anderson

A healthy aura contributes to overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, dealing with the rigors of daily life and human interaction can weaken your aura and drain your energy. Your aura can be weakened by a variety of factors including stress, negative habits, lack of fresh air, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, insufficient exercise, insufficient sleep, a poor diet and improper psychic energy. Periodic cleansing can help combat these factors and strengthen your aura as well as your emotional, spiritual and physical health.

In-Shower Cleanse

Stand in the shower and take three deep, slow breaths through your nose before turning the water on. This allows you to begin focusing on your breathing and calming your mind and body.

Turn on the shower and say a prayer of intention. Create your own prayer of intention or use one from someone else. One example, used by psychic medium Susanne Wilson, is as follows: "Holy Creator, thank you for blessing me with this day, for my life and all my blessings. I ask that you infuse this water with your divine white light so that I may bathe in your peace, love and protection."

Allow the water to flow over your entire body. Envision it as a white light, bathing you in positivity and goodness while cleansing any negativity away. Repeat daily for at least one week.

Energy Vortex Cleanse

Assume a seated position. Begin breathing through your nose, focusing on the air entering your nostrils and passing through your nasal passages. This begins stimulating your energy system and calming you.

Close your right nostril with your thumb, slowly inhaling through the left nostril, counting to four. Close the left nostril (keeping the right one closed too) and hold your breath for a count of 16. Release your right nostril (keeping the left one closed) and exhale out of the right nostril. Inhale through the left nostril, close the right nostril and hold the breath for a count of 16.

Repeat this alternating breath for four to five breaths on each side to provide energy to your aura and relax your body. While alternating your breath, set a prayer intention or say a simple mantra.

Visualize a whirling, white fire forming approximately 20 feet above your head. The fire should spin clockwise, rotating in a funnel-like shape with the narrowest end pointed toward the crown of your head. As the fire draws closer, visualize it touching your aura and burning all of the negative energy that you have accumulated.

Envision the fire moving downward, burning over your entire body to cleanse it of all unwanted energies that have built up through the day. Allow the vortex to exit from your feet, moving downward toward the earth.