Self Healing

How to Balance Cleanse Your Aura
Author/Service Provider:Kari Livingston

Wear your white garment. It doesn't have to be complicated. A white cotton sheet can be fashioned into a robe for aura cleansing. Use cotton twine as a belt to hold the robe closed if your wish.

Light the white candles or sit in an area that is illuminated by natural sunlight. Make sure all electric lights are turned off.

Hold the clear quartz crystal in your non-dominant hand. If you have several crystals, you may make a circle of quartz around you.

Feel the pure energy from the quartz. Envision the energy pouring into your body through your palm.

Breath in deeply. Hold the breath for a few seconds, allowing the oxygen to rid your body of toxins and negative energy.

Exhale, letting all negative energy and tension leave your body. Repeat the steps until you feel refreshed and energized.

Tips & Warnings:

Perform an aura cleansing whenever your feel stressed or fatigued.

If you have an obsidian or onyx stone, you may hold it in your dominant hand while you cleanse your aura.

If you are frequently fatigued or stressed, see your doctor to rule out underlying medical conditions.